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5 Ways MLDS Can Benefit A Machine Learning Developer’s Resume

5 Ways MLDS Can Benefit A Machine Learning Developer’s Resume

Srishti Deoras

The second edition of Machine Learning Developers Summit is around the corner and it is bigger and more technical in nature than its previous edition. With over 1,500 attendees expected to attend the event, MLDS will host numerous leading machine learning developers in two cities — Bengaluru and Hyderabad. A one-of-its-kind-event, it is a great platform for machine learning innovators to explore new developments in the space. 

ML innovators from leading tech companies will gather together to discuss the latest software architecture of ML systems, producing and deploying the latest ML frameworks, discussing the challenges faced and more. In the long run, it will also help developers to add a thing or two from the summit into their resume. Here are a few ways how MLDS can benefit an ML developer’s resume. 

Adding To The Core Skills: With numerous workshops and hand-on sessions during the four-day event, MLDS will expose ML practitioners to various new solutions that are being developed in the field. From real-time use cases of leading tech companies to new solutions being developed by them, developers will get a chance to try it hands-on adding to the list of capabilities that they know. ML developers can add these new skills into their resume, GitHub and other developer profiles to boost it further.

Adding Paper Presentation To Resume: One of the most important things that this year’s MLDS offers is the opportunity for developers to present the work they have done in the area of machine learning and AI over the years in front a learned audience. The opportunity for paper presentation is one of the most crucial things for developers and innovators who are constantly striving to bring up new innovations in the field. And MLDS provides that perfect platform to accomplish that and add to the resume. 

Exposure To ML Recruiters: One of the key advantages of attending MLDS is that developers would get an exposure to many recruiters from machine learning and AI space. The participation from various leading companies would mean that participants would get exposed to various opportunities in the space that are currently open. It is a gathering of like-minded people who are eager to learn new and upcoming trends in the field which would mean exposure to the job that you were looking for.  

Technical Talks And Real-Life Business: Across 4 days at MLDS in 2 cities, there are a lot of technical talks lined up by experienced ML professionals which will give an exposure to the real-time technical training and use cases. It will give you an opportunity to learn new and innovative tools while providing an opportunity to network with peers and experts in the tech community. The technical sessions will give an insight into architecture, deployment, development, operations, implementation, management and more. These sessions will help brush up skills and add new skills into the resumes. 

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Staying Relevant And Passionate About The Field: One of the things that recruiters look for in a developer resume is the passion of the candidate in the field that they are applying for. Attending these events and not only keeps developers relevant in the industry with all the new and interesting developments but showcases the passion candidate has for the emerging field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. MLDS is an excellent opportunity for developers to dwell into the new developments in the field and staying relevant in the highly evolving space. 

To register for MLDS, visit here. 

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