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5 Ways To Engage With Fellow Data Scientists & Maintain A Healthy Work Environment

5 Ways To Engage With Fellow Data Scientists & Maintain A Healthy Work Environment

Data Science is already a vast and fast-paced domain, and if the work environment is not friendly, it might get difficult for a data scientist to showcase his/her best performance. Cold wars and office politics between co-workers turn the work environment toxic and hamper mental peace.

How To Start Your Career In Data Science?

Many data scientists prefer not to engage with their co-workers after work hours and it is not necessarily a bad thing. However, for the nine hours at work, it is important for every employee — especially data scientist — to have a healthy and work friendly environment. “It just takes one bad employee to hurt the morale and enthusiasm of an entire department” — so, it doesn’t matter whether you are a manager or an employee, teamwork is the key to efficiency at work and everyone needs to play their part.

Here is how you can maintain a friendly and professional work environment with your co-worker

1) Appreciate Fellow Data Scientists For Their Achievements

Let’s be brutally honest here, many data scientists tend to get jealous seeing co-workers getting appreciated for their work. However, that shouldn’t be the case. We all know, even though data science is one of the highest paying job roles, the work is not so easy — a data scientist needs to put in a lot of effort to solve some of the complex business problems. And when they successfully solve the problems, the appreciation means a lot. Being a data scientist yourself, you would definitely understand how it feels when you see results after a lot of hustle. So, appreciate your co-workers for their achievements, it would not only build a healthy relationship between both of you but will also make you a humble personality.

2) Do Not Involve Higher Management For Small Grievances, Have A Direct Discussion First 

This is probably one of the most important things to bear in mind. Irrespective of our job roles, many of us tend to reach out to the higher management with complaints against a co-worker. However, that’s not the most feasible option. Let’s have a practical thought about this scenario; what if the entire wasn’t that serious and you still escalated it to the higher management, and as a result one of you or both of you face a serious consequence? Rather, why not communicate directly and sort out things on a good note? Talk to your co-worker and have a conversation about the things that are bothering you. It would not only help sort the issue but will also save from having a bad impression from others.

3) Seek Advice

It is not mandatory that a Data Scientist would know all the nuts and bolts of the domain. Data Science is vast and has several other verticals, and not every data scientist would know all of them. You might be an expert at Data Analytics or data mining and might not be good at machine learning, so in that case, don’t hesitate to seek advice or help from your co-workers who are good at machine learning.

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And you can make it sporty with some exchange deals like ask your co-worker to help you with Machine Learning and you would help him with data mining. This kind of activities helps in building a strong bond while working as a team. And most importantly, it increases work efficiency and shows your determination to learn and grow.

4) Celebrate Every Small Team Achievement

This is especially useful for team leaders who want to have the A-team. Team building is an art and to master is a sensitive thing. Data Scientists put in a lot of effort and time on projects, solving some of the most complex issues and every time a project is completed successfully, they deserve a good time to relax their mind. So, every time your data science team achieves a goal — be it small or a big one, celebrate it. It drives a sense of appreciation among all the team members and motivates them to work on the next project.

5) Bond Over Team Outings

Team outings are considered to be one of the best practices to building a strong bond between co-workers — whether its lunch, dinner or even a movie. When you spend time with your co-workers outside the office cubicle, you tend to have conversations that you usually cannot have inside the office. So, make sure you be a part of every team outings.

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