50 Best Firms For Data Scientists To Work For 2023

AIM Research has identified best practices being followed by top performing firms under parameters to identify the 50 Best Firms For Data Scientists to work for.
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This report is the fifth annual list of the ‘best firms for data scientists to work for’ published by Analytics India Magazine (AIM).

This report aims to rank firms based on how well suited a company’s policies are for their employees. Last year, AIM expanded the scope by reaching out to a wider set of firms with data science teams in their organisations. In continuation with the initiative, we surveyed hundreds of employers in India to glean insights into how they have created an exemplary work environment for data scientists.

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We derived an overall index to determine the rankings of AIM’s best firms for data scientists to work for. AIM listed five parameters to compute the ranking of 50 firms — Learning & Support, Productivity & Engagement, Benefits & Well-being, Rewarding Excellence and Diversity & Inclusion. The overall index was calculated using the average score of five sub-indices (based on the parameters mentioned above).

The sub-indices themselves were calculated based on the scores given to the answers (of the survey questions) asked by AIM. These scores were normalized on a scale from 0 to 1 before the average for the sub-indices was taken. Based on the responses of the participating firms, AIM Research has identified best practices being followed by top performing firms under each sub-index. The best practices for each sub-index have been mentioned under respective sections.

No fee was charged for participation in the survey, and the participation was voluntary.

Below we discuss the results of the analysis and present the top-ranking companies across the different sub-indices and the overall index. We highlight the various policies or initiatives that these companies undertook, for which they were listed in the top 50.

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Greater Emphasis on Learning Platforms: 100% of top-performing firms already provide access to learning platforms for their employees. Considering this and the rapid pace of technological changes, we can expect an upward trend, with more firms prioritizing continuous learning and development opportunities for their data scientists.


Investment in Cutting-Edge Technology: Currently, 57% of top performers are investing in cutting-edge technology, such as high-performance GPUs. As data science becomes more complex and compute-intensive, we can expect an increasing number of firms to invest in advanced infrastructure to support their data scientists.


Increasing Focus on Diversity and Inclusion: The report shows 35% of women in senior leadership roles in top-performing firms and a 51% representation of women in data science teams. As diversity and inclusion continue to be a major focus, these numbers are likely to increase in the coming years, fostering more diverse and inclusive workplaces.


Emphasis on Peer-to-Peer Recognition: Currently, 40% of top performers have peer-to-peer recognition programs in place. As companies strive to foster a positive work culture and employee engagement, we may see an increase in firms implementing similar recognition initiatives.


Promotion of Cross-Functional Collaboration: Currently, 40% of top performers promote cross-functional collaboration. This trend is expected to rise as more firms recognize the benefits of interdisciplinary cooperation and the innovation it can bring.

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Rankings 2023

All the firms that submitted responses have formulated workplace policies or undertaken initiatives in an effort to build a conducive work environment and provide all the resources needed for data scientists to be content and successful at their jobs. Some companies did better than others.

Click here to download the complete report.

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