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6 Free Online Courses To Learn Data Science Fundamentals

Free courses on data science

Organisations will soon face a talent gap in the field of data science as the demand is rising every day in an exponential manner. Almost every organisations are adopting this emerging tech and hiring data scientists with a good pay scale. In this article, we list down 6 free courses which will help you to learn data science fundamentals.

1| Learn Data Science

About: Learn Data Science is a tutorial video for the beginners created by Barton Poulson from This is a free 6 hours explanatory video where you will learn from the very basics such as introduction, data sourcing, coding, mathematics, and statistics. At the successful completion of this course, you will have a solid foundation for future learning and applications in the field of data science.  


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Format: Video

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2| Intro To Data Science

About: The Intro to Data Science is a free course by Udacity where you will learn and survey the fundamental topics in data science such as data manipulation, data analysis with statistics and machine learning, data communication with information visualisation and working with Big Data. The timeline of this course is approximately 2 months which includes rich self-paced learning content and interactive quizzes.

Format: Blog

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3| Code Free Data Science

About: The Code Free Data Science class is designed for learners seeking to gain or expand their knowledge in the area of Data Science. You can enrol the class for free and will receive the basic training in effective predictive analytic approaches accompanying the growing discipline of Data Science without any programming requirements.

During the class learners will acquire new skills to apply predictive algorithms to real data, evaluate, validate and interpret the results without any prerequisites for any kind of programming. You will learn how to design Data Science workflows without any programming involved, essential Data Science skills to design, build, test and evaluate predictive models, data manipulation, preparation, classification and clustering methods, various ways to apply data science algorithms to real data and evaluate and intercept the results.

Format: Videos and Articles

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4| Introduction To Data Science

About: This is a beginner level course where you will learn about the fundamentals of data science. The course includes topics such as the introduction to data science, tools, and technologies used by data scientists, data science in organisations, applications, and other such related topics. This is a free and self-paced learning course which can be learned at any time.

Format: Blog

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5| Data Science Specialisation

About: This is a free online course which covers the concepts and tools one requires for an entire data science pipeline. You will learn how to use R to clean, analyse and visualise data, navigate the entire data science pipeline from data acquisition to publication, perform regression analysis, least squares and inference using regression models.

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6| Data Science Essentials

About: In this data science course, you will learn key concepts in data acquisition, preparation, exploration, and visualization. You will also be taught practical application-oriented examples such as how to build a cloud data science solution using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning platform, or with R, and Python on Azure stack. The topics include the introduction of data science, probability and statistics, data exploration and visualisation, data ingestion, cleansing, and transformation, introduction to machine learning and more.   

Format: Video and Articles.

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