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Generative AI has revamped our daily work routines. From drafting emails to crafting poetry, LLM-based chatbots like Bard and ChatGPT are making lives easier, one prompt at a time. However, the efficacy of these generative AI models depends on their training, which is why tech companies are actively recruiting to fine tune existing models and develop new ones. Generative AI is more than just a technological marvel; it’s also a driver of job creation in various industries.

Let’s explore some of the top career opportunities in this field.

Apple – ML Engineer (Generative AI) 

Soon after the news of AppleGPT surfaced, the big tech started scouting for a passionate and dedicated ML engineer to join their Cloud Technologies App Platform team in Hyderabad. The role involves designing and implementing a machine learning strategy to enhance the developer experience platform and accelerate app development within Apple. The ideal candidate should have a strong grasp of advanced machine learning algorithms, deep learning, and statistics, along with expertise in transformer models like BERT, GPT, and RoBERTa. They will optimise and fine-tune large language models, possess proficient software development skills (Python, PyTorch, TensorFlow, JAX), and build MLOps infrastructure for experimentation, A/B testing, and production deployment. 

Experience with MLOps technologies, LangChain pipelines, and presenting complex ML insights to non-technical audiences is valued. The role aims to contribute to Apple’s generative AI-based developer platform, collaborating with data scientists and software engineers to provide ML solutions for internal use, with a focus on improving the developer experience. The ideal candidate should have 5+ years of AI/ML-focused software industry experience, along with relevant educational qualifications (BTech/MTech/MS or PhD in related fields).

Apply here.

Eli Lilly, Generative AI Senior Team Lead

American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly is expanding its footprints in India and is looking to fill a generative AI – machine language engineer position. The role requires an expert in machine learning to oversee the entire data lifecycle, including collection, cleaning, preprocessing, model training, and production deployment. The primary responsibilities involve configuring modern Natural Language Technology (NLT) platforms to extract insights from crucial business data. This entails designing, implementing, and managing data preparation and advanced analytics tools, showcasing insights from diverse data sources to business users, and developing language understanding/generation systems using text representation techniques. 

Key responsibilities include, collaborating with engineering partners to implement optimal cloud-based ML solutions, researching and adopting advanced NLG algorithms for tasks like summarisation, and establishing best practices for deployment and infrastructure. Maintaining ML model performance, automating ML model processes, and fostering relationships with various stakeholders are also key aspects of the role. Required experience encompasses designing, developing, and researching ML systems, NLP/NLU/NLG expertise, AWS proficiency, coding skills in Python, Java, and R, MLOps knowledge, Docker/Kubernetes familiarity, and agile development experience. 

Read more about it here

Siemens Healthineers, Generative AI Engineer

Siemens Healthineers is hiring an experienced generative AI engineer to join their research & development team. The role involves designing and implementing generative AI models like GANs, VAEs, and Transformers for various applications. Responsibilities include data preprocessing, model training, evaluation, deployment, optimization, and collaboration with cross-functional teams. Key skills required include machine learning fundamentals, proficiency in programming languages like Python, deep learning expertise, data preprocessing skills, software engineering proficiency, ethics awareness, and continuous learning. The role also entails security, documentation, problem-solving, and domain knowledge in healthcare, if applicable, and maintaining generative models in production environments.

If you think this role is a good fit for you, check out the full description.

PwC, Generative AI and Data Analytics Lead Manager

PwC is in search of an adept generative AI and data analytics lead manager to join their Kolkata team, focusing on applying advanced analytics and AI methodologies to address intricate business challenges. This position demands a blend of technical prowess, strategic thinking, and business insight to foster innovation and company growth. The responsibilities encompass independently engaging with global and domestic clients, employing deep mathematical expertise in statistics and probabilities, collaborating with diverse teams to pinpoint business priorities, crafting predictive and statistical models, utilizing generative AI for process enhancements, managing data pipelines, and communicating findings to various stakeholders.

Qualifications include a bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics, mathematics, or a related field, preferably a Master’s or PhD, along with 10-12 years of experience in analytics or AI. Proficiency in Python or R programming, deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow or PyTorch, statistical modelling, data visualisation tools, and project management is expected.

Here’s the link for you to apply. 

Wipro, Generative AI Architect

Indian IT giant Wipro is hiring for the role of generative AI architect (C1). It requires a seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience. The role involves designing and implementing cutting-edge generative AI models and algorithms, including GPT, VAE, and GANs, and integrating cloud-based generative AII algorithms. Collaboration with cross-functional teams to align AI projects with business objectives is essential.

Staying updated on the latest generative AI, machine learning, and deep learning advancements and optimizing existing models for enhanced performance is part of the job. Proficiency in Python, deep learning frameworks (TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras), cloud platforms (AWS, GCP, or Azure), and NLP tools (SpaCy, NLTK, Hugging Face) is required. 

Find more about the job here

Ascendion, Generative AI Engineer

Looking for a job change? We have got you covered.

In this role with engineering firm Ascendion, you’ll be responsible for fine-tuning and optimising generative AI models to ensure they perform efficiently across various applications. Your tasks will also involve designing intelligent AI agents to enhance user interactions and experimenting with innovative techniques to improve recommender systems. You’ll be in charge of constructing and managing inference pipelines for seamless AI model deployment on different platforms, overseeing deployment and versioning for smooth updates and rollbacks.

Additionally, you’ll develop tools to continuously assess model performance in production, with a strong focus on software engineering principles. Leveraging your expertise in transformer models and text embeddings, you’ll optimise and manage machine learning models in production settings. The job offers remote work flexibility, opportunities for skill growth, and various perks and rewards.

Follow this link to learn more. 

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