6 Habits All Successful Data Scientists Should Have

A significantly increasing number of people making a transition into data science, a huge number of students are taking up data science courses — with so much happening, there is no doubt that the domain is witnessing a tremendous rise, proving the industry that Data science is actually the “sexiest job of the 21st century”.

However, many people are not aware that along with all the knowledge and skills, there are few habits that every effective data scientist should have. In this article, we will have a look at some of those habits that need to adopt right away if you are a data scientist.


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Here Are The 6 Habits Every Successful Data Scientist Has

Have A Strong Hand On Core Skills

To be a successful data scientist, it is imperative that you have a strong foundation. One has to be completely, crystal clear about all the core and basic skills. A data scientist with a strong base has more chances of gaining advance knowledge. Whether it’s a language, a tool, or a concept, make sure you keep polishing your base skills and knowledge.

According to one of our studies,  Python continues to reign as the tool of choice and the demand for Python professionals is significantly high. Almost 17% of all advertised analytics jobs in India demand for Python as a core skill. Therefore, make sure, you never lose your grip on the core concepts and skills.

Keep An Active Eye On The Latest Trends

A successful Data Scientist is always hungry for knowledge. Data science is a very vast field of work — no matter how knowledgeable you are, there is always something new to learn. So, even though if you are working on a particular vertical from the data science domain, always keep an eye on what’s going on in the industry; what new technologies are coming up. And also, make sure you gather all the required resources to teach yourself new skills. The more you know about the domain, the more you increase your chances of advancing your career.

Always Offer A Helping Hand

One of the most important traits of a successful data scientist is that s/he is always active when it comes to helping other fellow data scientist. Whether in terms of office or community, make sure you never say ‘no’ in helping other data scientist.

Also, there are several forums available on the internet where data science enthusiasts seek solutions to their problems. So make sure are active on a significant number of such forums and answer their queries. One of the best platforms is definitely Quora — you can proactively search of questions and answers them. By doing that you not only help others in the community but also expand your profile as a competent data scientist.

They Are Not Only Data Scientists But Also Storytellers

In one of my previous articles, I have mentioned about data storytelling and why a data scientist needs to be a great data storyteller.

Over the years, data has evolved and with time, it is getting deeper and more complex. So, in order to bring in simplicity in it, provoke thought, and bring out deeper insights, a data scientist should know the art of data storytelling. So, if you are a data scientist, don’t just stick to numbers and analytical skills, rather learn the skill of data storytelling.

Experience Is On Top Of The Priority List

Education is important, no doubt, but sometimes it is the experience that matters the most. Gone are the days when qualifications on your resume would land you a job — today, the data science world needs professionals who have the ability to break down large, complex problems, and that ability can only be gained through experience.

So, if you are a data scientist who has just started his/her career, make sure you focus a lot and gain a significant amount of knowledge and experience. If you have not entered the industry yet, try looking for projects.

Connect With Other Data Scientist From The Industry

An effective data scientist always makes connections that deliver value to their career as well as to the community. Making connections help you get a clear picture of the current industry trends. That is not all when you connect to leaders from the industry you open doors of opportunities — it is one of the effective ways to expand your career.

One of the most effective ways to make connections is to attend events dedicated Data scientist such as MachineCon, Cypher etc. The major advantage of attending events and conference is you make connections in person. So, do consider attending events and conferences.

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