6 In Demand Cybersecurity Job Roles For 2020

Cybersecurity Roles 2020

As more data breaches take place, the requirements and salary for cybersecurity professionals are increasing. With ransomware, hacks and threats becoming more common, an organisation’s need to concentrate more on their cybersecurity teams has increased. There are already many popular job roles when it comes to cybersecurity like application security engineer, cybersecurity analyst, cybersecurity engineer etc. and because the cybersecurity sector as a whole pays well, many people are moving towards the stream.

Below are mentioned some different cybersecurity roles that one can take up while choosing a career in cybersecurity:

Information Systems and Security Director

This is a senior level, which has strategic oversight of the whole security of a firm and is in charge of overseeing the IT security measurements throughout the organisation. In smaller companies, the security director might be equivalent to a CISO. Whenever a security breach occurs, they are the ones who have to deal with its repercussions and make critical decisions.

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Since this is a higher-level job, one can start with the security administrator, network administrator or system administrator roles.

Educational requirements: The role requires a four-year degree in domains like information technology, computer science or software engineering is preferred. A master’s degree is also a requirement for this role with cybersecurity-related certifications as a bonus.

Some of the Job Responsibilities:

  • Manage and supervise IT security programs and security departments
  • Define, maintain and implement security policies and procedures
  • Follow a recommended course of action and direct a full investigation of IT security
  • Take part in the strategic planning for the deployment of program enhancements and security technologies.
  • Make sure the technical team is following the security policies, procedures and protocols

Average Salary: ₹6,74,074/yr

Principal Security Consultant

A principal security consultant is someone who is an advisor, a guide to the organisation when it comes to cybersecurity. A security consultant can design and implement the best security solutions for an organisation. The security consultant communicates with stakeholders, draws up budgets, researches and supervises the team. The role also requires one to conduct security tests and probe for vulnerabilities.

Educational Requirements: Hands-on experience is preferred rather than the degree qualification.

The responsibilities vary depending on where one works, in many companies, the skills of an expert are required for a short period. In a company where they are required for long hours, the security consultants are needed to monitor and maintain the security plan that is implemented.

Some of the common responsibilities are:

  • Decide on an effective way to protect computers, software and network against threats or attacks
  • Perform vulnerability tests, security checks and risk analysis
  • Research security systems, authentication protocols and security standards
  • Plan, research and design robust security architectures for IT projects
  • Define, maintain and implement an organisation’s security policies
  • Interview staff and HoDs to check for specific security issues

Average Salary: ₹8,14,837/yr

Malware Intelligence Analyst

This cybersecurity role deals with putting viruses, bots, worms, ransomware and other threats to bed and deals with these kinds of threats constantly. The malware intelligence analyst applies knowledge and industry best practices towards stopping threats before they actually develop.

Educational requirements: a four-year degree in computer science is preferred with additional certifications in computer forensics.

Some of the job roles:

  • Reverse engineering of malware and threats along with reporting of work done
  • Develop intelligence and operational malware analysis labs, toolsets and solutions for the organisations
  • Serve as a technical resource and expert on malware for the organisation
  • Architect and execute malware analysis solutions
  • Provide research and development for the latest security issues or tech-based on malware and intelligence

Average Salary: ₹772K/yr

Security Policy Analyst

The security policy analyst will be responsible for developing, interpreting pragmatic information security policies, standards and guidelines. A security policy analyst analyses the variety of data present and designs pragmatic policies to protect the data and information. 

Educational requirements: A Master’s in applicable fields like IT, security, economics, business analysis etc. is preferred.

Some of the job responsibilities:

  • Identify strategies, priorities, objectives and timelines to improve the organisation’s security posture
  • Maintain and generate security policy development and frameworks structure
  • Research policy requirements, along with identifying and analysing the issues
  • Implement, evaluate and monitor the security policy
  • Develop a policy instrument for decision
  • Communicate the security policy for stakeholders and decision-makers

Average Salary: ₹5,00,000/yr

Disaster Recovery Planner

The disaster recovery planner develops, promotes, tests and evaluates the DRP and related controls to address the various solutions to ensure the IT system’s security and continuity.

Educational requirements: Bachelor’s in IT related field, with cyber or IT security degree as preferred qualifications with extensive experience in IT security or cyber field.

Some job responsibilities:

  • Interpret Threat and Risk Assessments (TRA) regarding potentially contracted goods and services
  • Identify an organisation’s security requirements for the services and goods requirements
  • Draft security clauses
  • Provide security briefings to contractors, along with responding and reporting on contract-related security
  • Monitor the contractor compliance with security requirements

Digital Forensics Analyst (Security)

A digital forensics analyst in security typically conducts digital forensics to identify causes and attributes related to IT system interference and impacts inside the system. The digital forensics analyst produces detailed incident reports and briefs with expert testimony.

Educational requirements: Degree or diploma in IT related field, cyber or IT security preferred. Extensive experience in the same field is preferred more.

Job responsibilities:

  • Review and draft forensics policies, procedures, standards and guidelines in support of local and GC requirements
  • Secure analysis infrastructure/laboratory and plan forensics analysis activities for a security incident
  • Manage digital evidence in accordance with the chain of custody requirements
  • Report on the forensics analysis result
  • Review, develop and deliver related training model

Average Salary: $68,965/yr

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