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6 Leading Full-Time Data Science Courses In Singapore

6 Leading Full-Time Data Science Courses In Singapore

Over the last few years, the Data Science sector has seen continuous growth from tech industries and has eventually lead to numerous job openings. As finding the right institute in the right country and city can be a huge task, we have listed the six leading courses on data science offered in the vibrant city of Singapore.

(The institutes are listed in no particular order.)

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1| M.Sc In Analytics Programme By NanYang Technological University (NTU)

Course Duration: 1 year (Full Time)/ 2 years (Part-Time)

Course Details: The programme provides students with the skills and knowledge to apply cutting-edge data science techniques to solve critical business challenges. This programme consists of a total of 30 Academic Units (AU), with 24 AU stemming from core courses and 6 AU from elective courses.

Course Content: The course includes operations research, analytics software, probability and statistics, time series analysis, database systems, data mining. Other elective courses include information retrieval and analysis, stochastic modelling, survival data analysis, financial and risk analysis, etc. including hands-on exercises.

Course Fee: Citizens: 32,500/ PR: 42,000/ International: 52,500 SGD (this is the tuition fees for AY2018/2019, inclusive of GST).

2| MSc In Accounting (Data And Analytics) By Singapore Management University

Course Duration: 1 year (Part Time), 2 years (Full Time)

Course Details: This postgraduate analytics program comprises 12 courses that will be taught over two years to make a deep dive into the application of data technology mainly in the accounting domain. This program is mainly developed for professionals who are interested in developing expertise in applying data technology into their domain knowledge to solve business problems. This course will help you to learn how to analyse large amounts of data and uncover patterns and insights.

Course Content: The data technology topic includes applied statistics for data analysis, programming with data, data management, data modelling and visualisation while the analytics part includes analytics for financial instruments, analytics for value investing, accounting analytics capstone (SMU-X).

Course Fee: 42,800 SGD/ 40,000 SGD (exclusive of GST)

3| B.Sc/ B.Sc(Hons.) In Data Science And Analytics By National University Of Singapore

Course Duration: 4 years (honours degree)

Course Details: The four-year direct Honours programme in Data Science and Analytics (DSA) is designed to prepare graduates who are ready to acquire, manage and explore data that will inspire changes around the world.

Course Content: The course includes modules in Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science, and be exposed to the interplay between these three key areas in the practice of data science. In their third and fourth years of study, there will be a delve deep into subject matters such as computation and optimisation, computer algorithms, database and data processing, data mining and machine learning, and high-dimensional statistics. You will also undertake an industry-driven capstone project module, where you will work with real-life data, providing with an opportunity to tackle real-life issues and problems in a workplace environment.

Course Fee: Per annum tuition fees Citizens on MoE TG: S$8,200; PR on MoE TG: S$11,500/ Int’l Students on MoE TG: S$17,550/ Students not on MoE TG: S$38,200.

4| Bachelor of Business, Business Intelligence & Information Systems Major By James Cook University

Course Duration: 2 years full time

Course Details: This degree will be equipped with skills that meet the demands of business including developing communication and engagement skills, building networks, adopting a commercial mindset, understanding project management and mastering critical thinking and problem-solving. Successful completion of this course results to Business graduates with this major can pursue a broad range of careers including business analyst, e-business manager, information systems manager, security analyst, security consultant, system analyst, information system consultant or project manager.

Course Content: The course includes subjects like data mining, e-strategic management, information security, web design and development, fundamentals of problem and programming, information processing and visualisation, database modelling, collective intelligence and entrepreneurship.

Course Fee: 55,212 SGD (Domestic)/ 57,780 SGD (International) (All course fee include prevailing 7% GST)

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5| Specialist Diploma In Data Science (Data Analytics) By Singapore Polytechnic

Course Duration: 1 year (part-time)

Course Details: The objective of this course is to provide training in the fundamentals of statistics and programming for data science, and to provide training on specialised skills in the areas of data mining and applied statistical methods. Graduates of the course will be competent in summarising and presenting data, performing statistical analysis of univariate and multivariate data, preparing data, developing and applying predictive models, and using descriptive models to uncover patterns in data.

Course Content: The course includes an introduction to statistics for data science, programming for data science, data mining techniques and applied statistical methods.

Course Fee: Fees ranges such as $843.58(Singapore Citizen under the age of40), $562.4 (Singapore Citizens Age 40 and above), $2,249.56 (Singapore PR), $580.78 (Enhanced Training Support for SME Scheme), $317.98(Workfare Training Support Scheme) and $5,623.92 (Others/ Repeat Students).

6| Data Science Course By General Assembly

Course Duration: 12 weeks (Full-Time)

Course Details: General Assembly, an elite professional community of individuals and companies provides a course on data science where you will take on real-world problems by analyzing data sets for insights and presenting findings using statistics, programming, data modelling and business knowledge.

Course Content: This course includes gathering, storing and organising your data using basic data science toolkit like SQL, UNIX, etc. Performing visual and statistical analysis of data using Python and other associated tools or libraries. Understand supervised and unsupervised learning through the application of various modelling techniques. Learn to create reproducible presentations and reports and use data visualisation tools to present your findings to key stakeholders.

Course Fee:14,650 SGD


However, this survey suggests that eventually there will be the shortage of talent necessary for organisations to take advantage of big data, different organisations and universities around the globe are dipping their hands as much as possible to lessen the shortage by providing courses on data and analytics.

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