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6 Most Intense FPS Games For Playing On A Low-End PC

6 Most Intense FPS Games For Playing On A Low-End PC

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The FPS (First Person Shooter) formula has risen to great popularity in recent years, with many of gaming’s flagship titles being in this genre. However, the newer games require a lot of high-end hardware, leaving out many who wish to be part of the action.

For those with the lowest end of hardware, there might not seem to be a lot of choice when it comes to FPS games. A lot of older games can be played with ease on lower end hardware, such as a laptop CPU with an iGPU and 1GB of RAM. Here are 6 of them.

Call of Duty (Upto Modern Warfare)

All of the older Call of Duty games until Modern Warfare run fairly well on older systems. Modern Warfare 2 is also a safe bet, as it runs on the same game engine as MW. Post these games, the franchise moved to a newer engine which has high system requirements.

CoD games playable on low-end machines include CoD 1, 2 and 3, along with Modern Warfare 1 and 2. The first trilogy is set in a World War 2 era, and features solid shooting mechanics with a linear storyline. Online communities for these games are mostly extinct, but they provide 10-15 hours of playable time each, making them a worthwhile download.

Far Cry 2

Even though Far Cry requires less from a computer to run, it is not as fully fleshed out a game as Far Cry 2. The game is set in Africa, and provides an open-world, explorable environment with a first person perspective. The story follows the exploits of the player in a Central African nation undergoing a civil war.

Apart from an in-depth story, the game also has great visuals for its time. It has aged fairly well, which is also in part due to its engaging enemy AI, which reacts to stealth and distractions. The game has a huge arsenal of weapons and encourages the player to play it in their own way.


The famed computer-breaking game from the late 2000s is now tame enough to be played on a low-end PC. This game was widely considered to be the most difficult game to run, and for good reason. The game itself, apart from having loads of eye candy, is one of the better games in the Crysis series.

Players are tasked with facing off against North Korean insurgents, along with a group of aliens known as the Ceph. The main mechanic of the game is the ‘nanosuit’ that the player character wears, which can transition between strength, speed, defense and cloaking modes to allow an open-ended style of play. the game features some of the best shooting in a game until date.

Half Life 1 & 2

Half Life is one of the seminal games of the early ’00s, combining groundbreaking storytelling with solid gameplay. The player takes on the role of a mute scientist known as Gordon Freeman, and is tasked with protecting the earth from a cross-dimensional alien invasion.

It features a linear storyline with a variety of weapons, including newer concepts such as a gun that controls gravity. The second game expands upon the premise and scale of the first, along with more character development, story and weapons. The lore is sure to engage the player, and skilfully constructed levels and storyline will hook the player into a multi-hour adventure with ease.

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Portal 1 & 2

A game made by the same team behind Half Life, Portal is one of the best puzzle games made by the team. While the second game does need a slightly higher-end PC (but not by much), the first one offers a fun romp through various levels solving puzzles.

As the name suggests, the game involves using portals to solve puzzles. The player character is given a portal gun to play with, and the physics in the game allow for novel methods of solving problems. For example, momentum can be carried forward between two portals and used to jump a large gap.

Project IGI 1 & 2

Project I’m Going In, commonly shortened to Project IGI, is one of the first FPS games to reach critical success owing to its strategic gameplay. The player takes on the role of a stealth special forces operative who has to infiltrate a variety of enemy camps without raising the alarm.

The game features many mechanics that enable a seamless method of imparting player agency, such as sound detection by the ingame AI and a variety of methods to approach each enemy camp. The game does not focus much on combat, but the gunplay is still feels solid and fleshed out. A must-play for any stealth fan.

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