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6 Must-Have Skills To Become A Skilled Big Data Analyst

6 Must-Have Skills To Become A Skilled Big Data Analyst

  • Multi-Programming Skills
  • Data Visualization
  • Quantitative & Analytical Skills
  • Data Handling & Interpreting
  • Knowledge Of Multiple Technologies & Frameworks
  • Business & Problem Solving Skills

Big Data is considered as one of the most trending and emerging technologies. With the increase in data, organisations are adopting these technologies to gain better insights from the data. Big Data analysts help organisations to fulfil their needs by curating valuable insights from raw data. In this article, we list down 6 must-have skills in order to become a skilled Big Data analyst.

1| Multi-Programming Skills

The fundamental knowledge of data structures and algorithms is very crucial to learn before you start to learn the other skills and it will help you throughout your journey. To be a good Big Data analyst you must know and understand the statistical languages such as Python and R.

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You must learn how to code and be able to write, understand and correct errors in the code which includes a massive amount of data. Besides Python and R, there are other programming languages such as Scala, C++, SQL, Java, etc. which will be benefiting you in your journey.

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2| Data Visualization

The easiest way to understand a concept is through visualization. Big data analysts working with a large number of both structured and unstructured data helps an organisation to view the analytics of the data by presenting it visually. At the present scenario, there are various prominent data visualization tools such as Tableau, Data Wrapper, Plotly, etc. It is basically an easy way to convey the results of the large dataset in a simple and understandable manner.

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3| Quantitative & Analytical Skills

Quantitative and analytical skills play a major role in Big Data analytics. Knowledge in statistics, as well as mathematics, will guide while curating a large amount of unstructured data. One must have a strong grasp in linear algebra to be ahead while tackling big data problems. Quantitative data analysis methods such as descriptive statistics and inferential statistics help the analysts to summarise the data, generalise results, find patterns, make predictions, etc.

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4| Data Handling & Interpreting

Managing and interpreting data is not an easy task. With the help of data interpretation, the analysts can review the data for the purpose of arriving at the inference. Handling the data and making sense out of it indeed consumes a lot of time but it can be said as one of the crucial parts of a project. The data in an organisation is growing exponentially day-by-day and handling those to derive insights need a skilled big data analyst.  

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5| Knowledge Of Multiple Technologies & Frameworks

We already mentioned that understanding multi-programming languages play as one of the vital to be a good Big Data analyst. Besides this, there is a range of technologies that a skilled Big Data analyst must know. Frameworks such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, etc. helps in streaming Big Data to a greater extent. Components of Apache Hadoop such as HIVE, MapReduce, HDFS, Pig are highly demanding these days. It is crucial for Big Data analysts to be familiar with these technologies and frameworks for better decision-making.

6| Business & Problem Solving Skills

A good Big Data Analyst must have adequate knowledge of the business process along with statistical and technical knowledge. He must be able to understand the aspects and the business goals in an organisation before gaining insights and pattern from a large amount of data.

Bottom Line

Learning these skills will easily help you to create a perfect resume while applying for Big Data analyst jobs but you can’t be fruitful to an organisation unless you get your hands dirty by these skills. “Practice makes a man perfect”, thus the more you practice with these skills, the more you gain insights in this domain. A few links of careers in this domain have mentioned below.

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