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6 Reasons Why MachineCon 2019 Is The Perfect Event For Analytics Leaders To Participate

6 Reasons Why MachineCon 2019 Is The Perfect Event For Analytics Leaders To Participate

The leader in delivering top-notch and trusted insights on analytics ecosystem in India, Analytics India Magazine brings you the exclusive gathering of Analytics and Data Science Leaders, MachineCon 2019. To be held on May 24, Mumbai and May 31 in Singapore, this second edition of the Machine Conference will provide a powerful platform to recognize those who know the nuts and bolts of data and know how to transform that data into a competitive advantage.


An invite-only conference, it will host most influential leaders from the world of analytics and will recognise Asia’s leading 100 technology visionaries in the field of analytics and data science with the prestigious Analytics100 Awards.

With so much in the store, MachineCon  2019 ensures that the event brings you a whole new level of experience as this is also the first time that the conference is going international — to Singapore.

Here Is What All The Attendees Can Expect From This MachineCon 2019

  • Get Solutions To The Data Problems

There is no doubt that data today is the backbone of almost every business. However, there lies a challenge — to use this data and transform it into customer insights. And MachineCon 2019 is dedicated towards people who have overcome this challenge. Having some of the prime personalities from the data domain onboard, the machine conference will provide a platform where the delegates can connect to the leaders from the industry and get the top-notch solutions to their data problems.

  • Have A Closer Look At Data Science Advancements

While we read on a daily basis about how the technology and analytics space is rapidly advancing, MachineCon will give an opportunity to get the first-hand experience of the developments taking place in the industry. MachineCon 2019 has some of the best speakers from the industry who will deliver talks that matter to the industry. Not just that, it will a presence of analytics leaders from various industries who can provide a closer look at how the analytics sector is reaching a whole new level and how are companies adopting it.  

  • Knowledge Sharing

With talks, discussions and real-time examples around analytics and data science, the conference will host extensive knowledge sharing. Being a close-knit event, it will provide a platform to share experience and knowledge from the analytics heads, senior professionals, leaders and more.

  • Make Some Of The Strongest Connections

The event will provide you with an opportunity to meet and greet some of the most influential personalities from the domain of analytics. With the best of the industry from India and Singapore at one place, MachineCon will serve as a platform to make the best industry connections from leading companies. With more than 400 attendees across the two countries, it is a platform to make some of the strongest connections in the world of data science and AI.

  • Witness An Enthusiastic Crowd Of Data Science Experts

With an agenda to top the adoption of analytics, the Machine Conference is dedicated to bringing all the enthusiastic leaders from the world of analytics under one roof. With an expected attendance of about 400 attendees, MachineCon 2019 is going to have a significantly huge crowd of people who relentless towards bringing analytics to the mainstream. Whether you are a speaker, or an attendee or an award winner, MachineCon 2019 won’t dissatisfy you. Meet, greet and share your experience and knowledge with the gurus of analytics from Asia.

  • Get Inspired, Watching The Leaders Getting Recognized For Their Wonders In Analytics

In order to recognize the best of the minds in the Analytics industry and to celebrate their success of Data Science in India & Singapore, the Machine Conference brings Analytics100 awards. The applicants are handpicked by the editors of Analytics India Magazine and industry veterans. This prestigious award is also focused on motivating and inspiring all the delegates of MachineCon to work harder towards analytics domain and do something really incredible that the world remembers.  The winners will be recognized by the industry at The Machine Conference – May 24, 2019, at Novotel Juhu Mumbai & May 31, 2019, at Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore.

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