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6 Tips For Data Scientists To Stay Productive While Working Remotely

Terms such as “Remote Working” or “Work From Home” is the way forward for the millennial IT generation. And why not, working remotely has its own perks — you can work and still be in your comfort zone; you can even manage your personal activities at the same time. However, working remotely is something not everybody can manage to pull off.


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Dedicated offices are not just about work ethic, offices provided an environment where employees can work focusing completely on the work assigned. But when you are working remotely from home, most of the times get difficult to focus on the work and get it done on time.

In this article, we list down some of the effective tips and tricks for data scientists that can come handy for data scientists working remotely from home.

Prioritise Your Work & List Your Daily Goals  

This might be the most basic remote-working hack, yet one of the most effective ones. When you are working from your home, you have to have the same mindset that you have in the office. So, in order to do that make a list of daily goals. This strategy not only helps you plan your day better but also help you in making the most out of your working hours.

To make this strategy more effective, you can divide your goal list into two parts — the first half of the day and second half of the day. This makes it easier for you to get your work done on time.

Stay Connected With The Team

When you are working remotely, it is always imperative that you are connected to the team that is based out of another location. You don’t want to work without knowing what is happening with the core team. Do you? When you are connected with others, you are always updated with every single thing that has to be done. For example, there is a new project that has come up and if you are not in touch or connection with the team, how would you know what role you have to play or what things are done/pending?

The more you are coordinating with your team, the more efficient you become with work getting done on time. So, make sure that you are connected to the rest of the team when you are working remotely.

Build The Feel Of A Workplace At Home

Remote work isn’t for everyone. Period. It is hard to for people to stay focused and productive while working remotely. One can never have an office like feel while working from home, and many people will relate to this point. However, you can have a dedicated workplace at your home. Pick a room and turn it into your workplace. Make sure you have all the required amenities at that place to keep yourself productive during your work hours.

Also, coworking places are also considered to be a good environment for people who work remotely. Having an environment where there are other people working, you get a positive vibe that drives productivity. And apart from all the philosophy, you get all the basic workplace amenities. So, when you are working remotely, make sure you ask your employer to provide you with a coworking space if they have a policy of that sort.

Take The Much Needed Breaks During The Day

Whether you are a remote employee or a full-time, breaks are important as it helps you reset your mind and prevent burnout. Remote employees tend to work at odd hours and in the wake of meeting or in a bid to meet deadlines, they end up working at a stretch without taking a break. However, that shouldn’t be done — start your work as an in-house employee and take scheduled breaks to keep both your mind and body active. Don’t make the entire day about work.

You can always use your phone as an alarm. Set break alarms and use that so that when you get back to work again you don’t feel anxious.

Eat Right And On Time

You just can’t deny the fact that no matter how much the workload is, you shouldn’t skip your meal. Remote workers and those who work from home tend to skip their meals as they fail to manage time or get all lost with their work. Don’t do that. By skipping meals, you are not only reducing your productivity level but also affecting your health.

How to manage time? Check the previous point. You can always take breaks. So use one of the breaks to get yourself food.

Control You Social Media Hankering

It is no surprise that how much time social media consumes from our productive work hours. Social media pages or another online source can always affect your productivity as they get our attention for a long time.

If you want to stay focused and productive as a remote employee, then make sure that you are not spending your time liking and scrolling through the meme pages on social media during your work hours. You can always do that once you are done with your work.

Use a phone that you can only use to take calls and send text messages, and keep other fancy devices away while you are working.

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