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6 Vast Open-World Games For Low-End PCs

6 Vast Open-World Games For Low-End PCs

Open worlds are some of the best experiences one can have in a video game. The freedom to go anywhere and explore any part of the game world can leave any gamer in a tizzy. Low-end hardware struggles to play some of the bigger open-world game released today. However, there are still a variety of open-world games for low-end PCs.

Grand Theft Auto (III, Vice City, San Andreas)

The grandfather of all open-world games, GTA needs no introduction. Featuring a huge city to play around in, players can get into the action as soon as they start the game.


The games allow players to do almost anything, and provide a variety of cheats to make the experience even more fun. The freedom and open environments make the game an enjoyable experience even today.

The Elder Scrolls (Morrowind, Oblivion)

The Elder Scrolls catapulted to complete mainstream acceptance with TES 5. Also known as Skyrim, this game was one of the biggest hits in the gaming world owing to its scale and epic storyline. However, the games that preceded the hit were equally as good.

TES3 and 4, or Morrowind and Oblivion respectively, are both games that offer an open-world set in a fantastical lore. The game has elves, magic, and everything in between.

Players can also take on whichever role they wish and customize how their characters behave and function, from having a stealth-based setup to an all-out berserker. The games offer hours of entertainment in one package.

Assassin’s Creed (1,2, Brotherhood)

Now one of the biggest franchises in the video game market, the beginning of the Assassin’s Creed story started with AC1. Even though this did not reach fame, the sequel and spin-off titled Brotherhood made the franchise a mainstay of video games.

The games are set in the past, with occasional flash-forward to the present. Players take on the role of seasoned Assassins as a part of a secret order. The game features many stealth elements, along with combat and resource management.

Just Cause (1,2)

Just Cause can be summed up as the open-world experience where story is not important. The plot merely functions as a device to move the game along, and the purpose of the game is to destroy as many things as possible.

In a huge, open-world map, players are given tools like a grappling hook, parachute and an arsenal of weapons to cause explosions all over the map. There are also combat elements, seen when enemy soldiers appear.

A typical session of Just Cause involves visiting various areas on the map and blowing them up with explosives or rocket launchers. Simple mindless fun.

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Need For Speed (Underground 1&2, Carbon)

Need For Speed was a household name in the early 2000s, with the main reason being this series of games. Featuring a multitude of cars, the game puts the player in the role of a street racer who needs to beat other racers to be the best in the city.

Players can customise their cars to their liking, upgrade them using money that is earned by winning races. The game is set in a huge open-world where players can race around on their car and initiate pursuits with police cars.

Burnout Paradise

Burnout Paradise was also created by EA, the company that created NFS. However, it is a completely different kind of game, with the ultimate focus being on making the most of the open world in which the game is set.

There are no menus for customisation or safehouses. Instead, players can repaint their cars using drive-thrus, start a race from any intersection of two roads, and take any path they wish to the finish. New cars are gained by taking down cars driving on the road.

There is also a focus on exploration, giving players a lot to do while playing the game. It is reminiscent of Hot Wheels in the form of a video game.

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