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6 Ways In Which AI Is Transforming The Way WordPress Works

6 Ways In Which AI Is Transforming The Way WordPress Works

Srishti Deoras

When we talk about WordPress, “content” and “design” are the first words that come to our mind. These two are definitely a deciding factor on whether the website will get views or not. While the quality is ensured by writers, web designers can chalk out the layout of their WordPress website. One may ask, where does artificial intelligence come into picture here? There are a lot of hidden ways in which AI and machine learning are playing crucial roles to fill up many caveats and deliver the best suitable user experience to clients.

It is, in fact, interesting to note that WordPress may be one of the few CMS’ to date that has an extensive use of AI-powered plugins. These aren’t recent additions — AI has technically been around in WordPress for functionalities such as content curation, recommendation and speeding up the design process, among others. However, it has now gone deeper with the adoption of analytics and AI tools.

Here we list six key areas where WordPress is using AI in its functionalities. We have listed AI and ML-based plugins which are used to perform these tasks. These plugins are listed based on the popularity and WordPress is not restricted to the use of only these plugins.

1| Content Curation And Improving SEO  

Wordlift: This plugin uses AI to process human language and understand the kind of content and information that people are looking for. It not only makes the content better but improves content display for search engines. It provides SEO tips to improve content with the help of a knowledge graph. It works by converting text into machine-friendly context, providing suitable facts, images, links and visuals and making content more engaging. It not only increased the traffic and page views but given an increased conversion rate.

Aimojo: An improved version of an earlier plugin called Affinitomics, it is a cloud-based, AI plugin that allows for a better organisation of content on the website with better search results, thereby increasing usability and conversion rates. It also uses AI to self-organise and learn from previous experiences. It is known to be improving search results by at least 10 times.

2| Grammar And Relevance

Mycurator: A cloud-based content curation service, it allows to add AI-powered content aggregator that shows content relevant to selected topics and improves the search result. It helps the user to create curated content by fetching the best bits of content relevant to the audience.

3| Recommendation

Kindred Posts: This is an excellent plugin to learn more about the visitors on the website and suggest content to them according to their taste and preferences. It uses AI in this task and ensures more targeted recommendations. This AI-based plugin requires minimal settings which shows efficient results.

Primal: This ML-based plugin helps to display relevant web content to the visitors by collecting information on the post, page topics and others. It collects information about the content and pulls pages from across the web to fetch the best result. Using ML, this plugin then learns the interests of your visitors based on their clicks so it can deliver more relevant and engaging content over time.

4| Spam And Malware Detection

Quettra Web Malware Scanner: This plugin uses machine learning to recognise threats and gets better over time learning from past experiences. It can run malware scans for worms, viruses, spyware, code ingestion and other notorious elements. It can also recognise JavaScript code obfuscation and auto-generated malicious content.

Akismet: This pre-installed plugin also uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect spam comments. It is quite efficient in detecting almost all spams submitted by bots as well as manually submitted by actual human users by learning from its mistakes and recognising patterns across millions of websites. It filters out the spam comments which otherwise slows down the website. Since it is inbuilt, it runs in the background without even being noticed.

5| Chat Support And Language Translators

Live Chat With AI Assistants: AI and machine learning based plugins may be the best answer for assisting the visitors in the absence of human presence. Chatbots can act as the best customer support agents with these bots learning over the time to deal with user queries and give suggestions based on that. It automatically builds a knowledge base and connects questions to answers.

Google Language Translator: While many websites have multilingual capabilities, one of the easier ways of translating WordPress is by AI-driven Google Language Translator. After installing the plugin, it works by learning about the visitor, delivering high-quality translations. It brings Google’s AI and ML translation engines to work.

6| Sentiment Analysis

Watsonfinds: Sentiment analysis on WordPress is quite unique as it helps to improve content by predicting the kind of response a particular content will generate. This particular plugin uses sentiment analysis of IBM Watson to identify emotions such as joy, fear, disgust, sadness or others on a particular post. It helps by fine-tuning the post and pages to deliver the best to the audience.

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