7 Analytics-Based Fitness Tracking Software Available For 2020

7 Analytics-Based Fitness Tracking Software Available For 2020
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Since the lockdown has been in place, staying in shape has become a struggle for many. Traditionally it was easy for people to travel to the gym and get the help of a personal trainer for monitoring their health, however, the mandated period of isolation has made it a hassle for people to stay abreast with their health. Thus, they have turned to technology to monitor their health and fitness.

Lately, many software have emerged worldwide that are using analytics along with artificial intelligence and natural language processing to help people track and monitor their nutrition level as well as their fitness as a whole. Not only these recommend a healthy diet according to the data fed on to it, but also provide real-time information on the necessary exercise one needs to do to be healthy.

Let’s take a look at a few analytics-based software, in no particular order that can help people in fitness tracking amid this lockdown.

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About: FitSW is a personal training software that has been designed to keep track of the user’s fitness and monitor their health. Designed with a fully integrated system, FitSW will allow businesses to create on-demand, trackable, easy to follow personalised fitness regime for customers. The software uses data analytics to track the results of the programming, along with monitoring the fitness journey and the nutrition intake of the user. It uses automatic calorie and macronutrient calculators for building meal logs which can easily be reviewed. Using data and predictive analytics, it creates a 360-degree view of the customer’s fitness.


  • Keep track of your programme with easy-to-read graphs
  • Monitor body composition changes, like body fat percentage, waist size, or create your own custom metrics
  • Streamline nutrition and meal planning
  • Manage schedules and track progress

Check out the software here.


About: A data aggregation platform, ActiveOS is a software that can be used for creating robust health and fitness tracking solutions. The software works on the data aggregated from past records and provides analytical insights for users. It provides a convenient data import framework and cloud-hosted API that allow businesses to build fitness tools easily. The software can be leveraged by large companies and SMBs as well as personal trainers. Further, it provides a personal dashboard for tracking individual health metrics using a customised dashboard. Along with that, it comes with online personal training or a coach, to achieve better insights with fitness data and improve performance. 


  • Customisable dashboard
  • Device and sensor agnostic
  • Advanced analytical reports
  • Aggregate health and fitness data along with daily access to historical data

Check out the software here.


About: AthleteMonitoring is a fitness software that is used by professionals and amateur sports organisations for optimising fitness journey, minimising injury risk, managing medical records, and maximising performance. The software uses data analytics to monitor fatigue along with planning and monitoring chronic load ratio and monotony. Further, it also tracks injuries, illness and manages fitness evaluation to come out with relevant decisions for the athletes. To facilitate this process, the software gathers data, interprets it with evidence-based methods and then makes real-time decisions and identifies potential risks involved.


  • Secure data all in one place
  • Offers customisable dashboards and provides evidence-based statistics
  • Instantly adjust programs, workloads and coaching strategies according to the data
  • Seamless information exchange among participants

Check out the software here.


About: Another software to monitor athletes’ fitness is Xert. Xert is a web and mobile-based software that allows athletes and fitness enthusiasts to monitor, predict and optimise their fitness goals. Its adaptive training advisor leverages the historical data to inform and guide the user with the right information. It also maps out the relevant fitness programs and training based on the knowledge available to it. Cert’s remote player allows the users to take advantage of smart workouts and monitor progress.


  • Create your profile with your personalised data
  • Review your fitness performance with MPA analysis software
  • Monitors workout progress with Xert remote player
  • Recommend workouts based on your ability

Check out the software here.


About: Claims to be an all-in-one fitness tracking platform, OneFitStop is a data analytics-based software that can be used to track customers’ fitness metrics and create programs specific to the individual. This easy to use software will allow businesses to record client health records like BMI, body fat percentage, shape, power, agility as well as flexibility. One can create programs and send the same to clients for better management of their fitness journey. Along with these, this software also allows the clients to progress images which will enable them to compare it with their previous achievements.


  • Track clients’ fitness progress with relevant data
  • Monitor performances and send client feedback
  • Create and send strength and cardio programs according to the ability of the client

Check out the software here.


About: Obino or also known as Roundglass Obino, is a health and weight loss coach, available as an Android and iOS App on smartphones. By feeding simple data like weight, height, age, this app will assess the BMI and ideal weight for the user. Along with that, it also provides personalised calorie goals for food and exercise that will help the user to lose weight and be healthy. The app comes with a personalised online fitness coach who will continuously monitor the fitness and health of the user and provide real-time feedback via chat. It also keeps track of the eating habits, which is then analysed to provide a detailed report of the user’s macronutrient intake.


  • Analysis of user’s eating habits
  • Real-time reminders to practice healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Check out the software here.


About: Lastly, a provider of nutrition-related data services and analytics — Nutrino is an adaptable nutrition insights platform that allows users to keep track of their fitness and monitor their eating habits. The Nutrino engine leverages natural language processing and machine learning along with analytics to recognise particular food habits for an individual for better management of health. Not only it can provide chronic disease management, but also includes food trends identification, wellbeing treatment as well as weight analysis.


  • Using API or SDK integrations, businesses can purchase Nutrino’s data on food and nutrition for improving products and solutions
  • Customisable reports to meet specific needs
  • Professionally curated data for better treatment of patients
  • Using predictive analytics for wellbeing improvement

Check out the software here.

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