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7 Data Science Courses Offered By Large Tech Firms

7 Data Science Courses Offered By Large Tech Firms

7 Data Science Courses Offered By Large Tech Firms

The uprise of the COVID pandemic has questioned the demand of data scientists for businesses. While companies are fiercely looking out to recruit data scientists for their organisations, they are extremely critical with the candidates and thus only looking to hire professionals with advanced skill sets. However, it is hard to find graduates with such specific skill sets, and therefore struggling to land on the job amid this crisis.

Although there are many online courses that can aid recent graduates with relevant knowledge for the industry, it’s only the certificates that actually authenticates that knowledge. These certifications not only provide prominent validation but also offer a competitive edge among the crowd. Consequently, potential employers and recruiters are constantly looking out for candidates with industry-relevant certification

With the currently mandated lockdown in place, many big tech companies have started collaborating with ed-tech platforms to offer these industry-relevant certifications. These certifications will help learners master practical skills that would make them industry ready amid this crisis. Here, we will look at a few of them:

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Data Science with R Certification Course

Collaboration with: IBM


About: The program, Data Science with R Certification Course is offered by Simplilearn, which will enable learners to be an expert in data analytics using the R programming language. Covering subjects like data exploration, data visualisation, predictive analytics, and descriptive analytics techniques with the R language, this certification course will enable learners to take up data science skills into a variety of companies. Starting with learning about R packages and how to import and export data in R, the certification course will also teach data structures in R, various statistical concepts, cluster analysis, and forecasting. The course provides ten real-life industry projects and a dedicated mentoring session from industry experts, with IBM certification.

Cost: ₹19,999 for self-paced learning; ₹21,999 for blended learning.

Check out the course here.

Data Scientist – Advanced Analytics

Collaboration with: Dell Technologies

About: Data Scientist – Advanced Analytics is a certification course provided by Dell Technologies, which provides a learning path with practical foundation level training that allows learners to have significant participation in big data and analytics projects. This certification course is a two-step process, where learners can choose from either virtual classes or on-demand classes and then pass the certification exam for gaining a Data Scientist Associate v2 (DCA-DS) Certification from Dell. Starting from introduction to big data and data analytics lifecycle to addressing business challenges, this certification course teaches advanced analytic methods and tools like MapReduce and Hadoop.

Cost: $1500 (approximately ₹11,0233)

Check out the course here.

Azure Data Scientist Associate

Collaboration with: Microsoft

About: Azure Data Scientist Associate is a certification program by Microsoft where the learners learn to implement their knowledge of data science and machine learning to run machine learning workloads on Azure, in particular, using Azure Machine Learning Service. Starting with operating ML solutions at cloud scale using Azure Machine Learning, this course will teach how to leverage the knowledge of Python and machine learning to address data ingestion, data preparation, model training and deployment, and monitoring ML solution monitoring in Microsoft Azure.

Cost: Free for Online; $165 for Instructor-Led (approximately ₹12,121)

Check out the course here.

Advanced Analytics Professional

Collaboration with: SAS

About: Advanced Analytics Profesional is a certification program offered by SAS Academy, which will cover the skills that are relevant to the business for the current era. Starting from skills required to assemble analysis flow diagrams using SAS Enterprise Miner for both pattern discovery to segmentation, association, and sequence analysis, this course will provide an in-depth understanding of advanced analytics. This program will teach ways to define a SAS Enterprise Miner project and will guide data exploration for better analysis results. Alongside, it will help in building and understanding predictive models, including decision trees and regression models.

Cost: $1,295/year (approximately ₹95,132)

Check out the course here.

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Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

Collaboration with: Google Cloud

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About: ‘Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals’ is a certification program by Google Cloud, which introduces learners to the machine learning capabilities of Google Cloud Platform. Starting with providing a quick overview of Google Cloud Platform and its data processing capabilities, it also follows up with machine learning products in the Google Cloud Platform. Further, it will teach how to use CloudSQL and Cloud Dataproc to migrate existing MySQL and Hadoop/Pig/Spark/Hive workloads to Google Cloud Platform. Completing this certification program will count towards learners learning both data engineering as well as data engineering with machine learning.

Cost: Free Trial for seven days; and ₹3,689 per month post-trial period

Check out the course here.

Machine Learning With AWS

Collaboration with: AWS

About: Machine Learning With AWS is a certification offered by Amazon Web Services, which will allow the learners to deep dive into the ML curriculum used to train Amazon’s data scientists. The accreditation provides 65+ machine learning training courses with over 50 hours of hands-on labs and classes. This certification will enable learners to understand how to apply machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning to solve business problems unlocking new insights and value with an AWS Certification. 

Cost: $300 (approximately ₹22,017)

Check out the certification here.

Data Science with Machine learning & AI Pro+ Certification Course

Collaboration with: Honeywell

About: The Data Science with Machine learning and AI Pro+ is a six months certification program offered by Honeywell in collaboration with Ivy Pro School, which has been aimed at creating industry-relevant expertise among data scientists. Starting with advanced excel along with SQL queries and relationship data management, this course also includes data visualisation using Tableau, business statistics, predictive modelling with R and machine learning. With this certification course, learners can get an industry-endorsed certificate, join the data science industry, and can work on real-life cases and projects.

Cost: ₹77,000 for Classroom; ₹64,000 for Online Mode)
Check out the course here.

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