7 Latest Data Science Job Openings To Apply Now


According to a recent study, amid the pandemic, the overall Data Science and Analytics market has evolved to adapt to the continually changing economic and business environments. This has called for various jobs in the emerging tech space like data science, machine learning, deep learning, data analytics and others.   

Below here, we jotted down the seven latest data science job openings that candidates can apply.


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(The list is in no particular order)

1| Data Scientist at Hitachi 

Location: Bangalore/ Pune/ Hyderabad

About: The Data Scientist role at Hitachi mainly drives business and industry solutions focused on big data and advanced analytics. The responsibilities include interacting with the customers to understand business objectives and create analytical strategies to help achieve their goals, enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems, etc.

You will also perform machine learning, text analytics, and statistical analysis methods, such as classification, collaborative filtering, association rules, sentiment analysis, topic modelling, time-series analysis, regression, statistical inference, among others.

Apply here for Bangalore.

Apply here for Pune.

Apply here for Hyderabad.

2| Data Scientist at Baker Hughes

Location: Mumbai

About: As a Data Scientist, your responsibilities include developing self-learning systems that can predict failures and autocorrect based on multiple data sources, gather and analyse data, devise innovative data science solutions and build prototypes to enable the development of high-performance algorithms in scalable, product-ready code. 

You will also contribute to the development of software and data delivery platforms that are service-oriented with reusable components across teams. A candidate will be required to research and evaluate emerging technology, industry and market trends to assist in project development and more.

Apply here.

3| Staff Data Scientist at Baker Hughes

Location: Mumbai

About: As a Staff Data Scientist, you will lead and work in cross-functional teams to translate algorithms into commercially viable products and services, develop self-learning systems that can predict failures and autocorrect based on multiple data sources. 

You will also work with the engineering team to incorporate your analysis and solutions. It will also include working with the visualisation team to create intuitive UI and rich UX stories, initiate and propose unique and promising modelling features, develop new and innovative algorithms and technologies, pursuing patents where appropriate, and more.

Apply here.

4| Junior Data Scientist at Analytos 

Location: Bangalore

About: As a Junior Data Scientist at Analytos, your responsibilities will include the development of high performance, distributed computing tasks using big data technologies such as Hadoop, NoSQL, text mining and others. You will design and drive the creation of new standards and best practices in the use of statistical data modelling, big data and other optimisation tools.  

Apply here.

5| Data Scientist at Analytos

Location: Bangalore

About: As a Data Scientist, you will be collaborating with the technical team to build products, researching concepts, and influencing new ideas to transform retail. Your responsibilities will include the development of distributed computing tasks using big data technologies, deploying data science and technology-based algorithmic solutions to address the business needs for the customers and more.

Apply here.

6| Associate Data Scientist – MFG at Noodle.ai

Location: Bangalore

About: As a Data Scientist at Noodle.ai, you will collaborate with the Noodle team and engineers from the client companies to build a deep understanding of the clients’ business context and then develop, test, and deploy advanced AI models. You will also develop reusable IP to help the company move faster, dive deeper, and work more efficiently by generalising the models, methodologies, and supporting infrastructure that you build. 

Apply here.

7| Senior Data Scientist at Zendrive

Location: Bangalore

About: As a Senior Data Scientist at Zendrive, you will be extracting the driving behaviour by analysing location and motion sensor data and separating signal from noise, developing new models of a complex system by correlating location-based trends and events, create A/B experiments, work with engineers to implement them and interpret their results and more.

As a requirement, the candidate must possess a minimum of 5 to 7 years of experience as a data scientist or a minimum of 2 years of relevant experience post PhD in Statistics or Machine Learning as well as Signal Processing.      

Apply here.

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