7 Leading Malaysian Universities Where You Can Study Data Science

With demand for data science increasing, students are looking for full-time Masters programmes to gain a deep understanding of this buzzing field and strive ahead in their career. Malaysia has emerged as one of the best options. The country provides cost-effective learning opportunities with a thriving data science ecosystem and that’s why many international students are attracted towards Malaysian Universities.

In this article, we list 8 top data science courses (undergraduate and postgraduate) provided by prominent universities in Malaysia.

1| BSc (Hons) In Computer Science With A Specialism In Data Analytics By Asia Pacific University Of Technology & Innovation

 About Programme: This programme is designed to develop technical knowledge, skills, and background in the design and organisation of computer systems with an emphasis on data analytics and also to provide the ability to evaluate and respond to opportunities for developing and exploiting new technologies with data analytics concepts and tools.


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Course Content: The first year is packed with modules like systems analysis and design, mathematical concepts for computing, introduction to networking and other modules. It provides a foundation in the area of software development. A sound grasp of mathematical techniques and skills in algorithmic thinking are important prerequisites for your second and third-year studies in this area. Computer architecture, operating systems, networks, databases, data analytics, behavioural science, and marketing analytics are the area of the platform or underlying analytics systems. Introduction to management introduces the third key area, understanding personal and organisational development, along with independent learning and teamworking skills.

Duration: 3 years

Course Fees: RM 85,800 (For Malaysian Students) and RM 86,400 (For International Students)

2| Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons.) Specialising in Data Science By Multimedia University

About Programme: This programme provides focuses on designing and developing solutions to draw useful insights from the availability of large volumes of data, known as Big Data. Students will receive fundamental training in computer science theories and learn techniques on the processing of Big Data for analytics that can be impactful to business.

Course Content: Based on the specialisation, students can opt for two subjects. The subjects for data science specialisation module includes data management, visual information processing, and social media computing while the elective subjects include system analysis and design, artificial intelligence, introduction to data science, data mining, and few others.

Duration: 3 years

Course Fees: RM 59,040(Total Tuition Fee)

3| Statistical Data Science Under-Graduate Degree Programme By Heriot-Watt University

About Programme: This programme provides a blend of both theoretical and applied elements of modern statistics, and aims to give students the training in modelling, analysing and interpreting real data that is required in the economy, industry, and research. The final two years focus on data science along with the specialist topic of statistical modelling and advanced courses in mathematics.

Course Content: The course for year one includes multivariable calculus and real analysis A & B, linear algebra, probability, and statistics A & B, among other modules. The second-year includes stochastic processes, Bayesian inference and computational methods, ordinary differential equations and the last year includes subjects on optimization, statistical machine learning, time series analysis, statistical computing, and few others.

Duration: 3 years

Course Fees: RM 43,920 (Local students) and RM49,920* (International Students)

4| MSc In Data Science And Business Analytics By Asia Pacific University Of Technology & Innovation (APU)

About Programme: The programme is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills in data science, big data analytics, and business intelligence. It aims to develop analytical and investigative knowledge and skills using data science tools and techniques and to enhance data science knowledge and critical interpretation skills. They will understand the impact of data science and be able to identify and implement specific tools, and techniques to enhance the analysis of data.

Course Content: Graduates will be equipped with knowledge, skills, and experience in three major dimensions: Strategic and Commercial application, “hands-on” ICT skills and Statistics & Analytics. The core modules include big data analytics and technologies, behavioural science, social media and marketing analysis, business intelligence systems, applied machine learning, data analytical programming, multivariate methods for data analysis, advanced business analytics and visualisation.

Duration: 12 months (Full-Time) and 2.5-3 years (Part-Time)

Course Fees: RM 36,800 ( Malaysian Student) and RM 42,400 (International Students)

5| Master in Business Intelligence and Analytics (MBIA) By International Islamic University (IIUM)

About Programme: This programme is offered in response to the emerging trends in advanced applications of ICT technologies to enhance intelligence and analytical capabilities in business decision-making. The program will help you understand how to apply Big Data analytical methods and strategies for advanced data analysis and visualization, implement quantitative modeling and data analysis techniques to business problems, communicate findings and effectively present results using data visualization techniques and use of advanced statistical tools and data programming techniques to solve practical problems in data analysis.

Course Content: The programme requires 40 credits. The courses for year one include big data across verticals and domains, data quality, unstructured data analytics, Islamic world’s view on IT and Society, data warehousing and modelling, tools for data science, visualization for decision making, data security and governance. The year two courses include datathon and bootcamp.

Duration: 2 years (Full-Time) and 3 years (Part-time)

Course Fees: RM 18,120 (Local Students) and RM 28,400 (International Students)

6| Master of Data Science Coursework By University Of Malaya

About Programme: This university is situated in the southwest of Kuala Lumpur and it allows full-time mode classes for the students who wish to strengthen their career prospects in data science to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills to analyse, visualize and transform vast quantities of data in different fields into valuable insights.

Course Content: The credits of the course counts as Core Course (24 Credits), Elective Course (8 Credits) and Data Science Research Project (10 Credits). The core courses include research methodology, principles of data science, data analytics, programming for data science, data mining, machine learning for data science and big data management. The elective courses include parallel and distributed computing, big data applications and analytics, network and security and numerical optimization. However, it is to be noted that not all courses will be offered every semester, the actual courses offered will depend on the availability of the staff and the number of students registering.

Duration: 6 semesters

Course Fees: The tuition fee in Malaysian ringgits (RM) is RM 18,897.00 (For Citizens) and RM 33,270 (For Non-Citizens)

7| Master Of Data Science By UKM (National University Of Malaysia)

About Programme: The programme is designed to produce graduates who will be able to analyse and evaluate data in depth, support the development and deployment of innovative big data platforms for advanced analytics, understand data and information modelling to design, construct and evaluate database and data warehouse for structured and unstructured data, apply data analysis method and technique for changing raw data into valuable and useful information.

Course Content: This is a 40 credit programme which includes courses such as fundamental of data science, statistical methods for data analytics, unstructured data analytics, information modelling & databases, big data analytics and management, machine learning for data science., decision support & business intelligence.

Duration: 1-2 years(Full-Time) and 2-4 years (Part-Time)

Course Fees: RM 24,000 (Local Students) and RM 32,000 (International Students)

8| Master of Science (Data Science and Analytics) By Universiti Sains Malaysia

About Programme: The programme aims to produce specialists in the field of Big Data Analytics capable who can make data-driven decisions and apply advanced big data analysis across many domains.  

Course Content: The course includes principles and practices of data science and analytics, big data storage and management, big data storage, and management, enabling technologies and infrastructures for data science, data visualisation and visual analytics, business intelligence and decision analytics, predictive business analytics, text and speech analytics, and few others.

Duration: Min 3 semesters / Max 6 semesters (Full-Time)

Course Fees: RM 12,220.00 (Local students) and USD 5,157.50 (International Students).

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