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7 Popular Data Science Presentations On SlideShare

7 Popular Data Science Presentations On SlideShare

Data Science Presentation

Presentations are a go-to approach to introduce new ideas or explaining new techniques in technology with text and infographics to engage an audience and retain attention. Over the years, presentations have catered to the needs of people who want to learn new things or get an overview of something new.

Notably, in data science, explaining approaches with speech becomes difficult. Thus, presentation through slides is an effective way to learn or revise technology. Analytics India Magazine brings to you exciting data science presentation that will give a new perspective as well as introduce you to new developments in the landscape.

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Moving Machine Learning Models To Production With Tensorflow Extended

In Moving Machine Learning To Production With Tensorflow Extended, one can learn how to move their ML models to production with TensorFlow Extended (TFX) — an end-to-end platform for deploying production ML pipelines. While the 58 slides data science presentation covers every aspect of the TFX, the most important ones are data validation, TensorFlow Model Analysis, and the What-If Tool. You can also read more about TFX on the official page.

Lessons Learned From Building Practical Deep Learning Systems

Lessons Learned From Building Practical Deep Learning Systems is uploaded by Xavier Amatrianin, the co-founder at Curai, an AI-based healthcare solution provider. Amatrianin in the presentation has communicated what he has learned over the years building deep learning models. In the data science presentation, he has answered some of the questions that bewilder data scientists. Amatrianin has compared different aspects a developer goes through while building models: more data or better data, better models or more data, among others.

Amatrianin has also differentiated between deep learning, feature engineering, feature architecture engineering, and more. With over 10,000 views, this is one of the most popular slides on SlideShare related to AI.

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Generating Natural-Language Text With Neural Networks

Generating NL text with NN is another helpful slide. In the future, most of the data available will be unstructured due to the colossal amount of text that is being generated every day. However, working with text data is strenuous, thereby failing to bring value out of it. But researchers have invented a way to train neural networks with text and empower it to generate synthetic text. More recently, Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, and others, released language models that can automatically complete the sentence. 

In this presentation, the publisher Jonathan Mugan describes how one can execute this while also mentioning the current challenges in the neural text generation. The 63 slides data presentation makes an excellent read to learn about this new technology.

Blockchain + AI + Crypto Economics Are We Creating A Code Tsunami?

Published by Dinis Guarda, CEO of Intelligent HQ, the presentation has got more than 6000 views. The presentation demonstrates how AI and blockchain will be similar to what electricity was in the nineteenth century. However, the publisher believes that these technologies will change things faster than ever. The slides contain numerous charts that compare the evolution and explains about blockchain. Guarda has compiled data from various sources and has described how blockchain and can be used in tandem with AI to revolutionise the finance and other sectors.

Neural Networks With Google TensorFlow

Neural networks have taken the world by storm as they are the driving force behind the rise of Artificial Intelligence. And TensorFlow is one of the widely used neural networks that has made the lives of data scientists easy. In this slide, the publisher has explained the type of neural networks along with its potential to streamline the business operations. 

Predictive Analytics In Healthcare

Uploaded in February 2020, Predictive Analytics In Healthcare is very resourceful as it mentions the importance of having an effective data pipeline for harnessing the power of data that is being generated from the electronic health record (EHR) systems. Hospitals including other businesses have been slow in utilising the data to obtain insights. Besides, it also explains the techniques to mould the healthcare data for performing predictive analytics.

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence is a comprehensive presentation that includes the information right from the beginning of the AI to what the future holds. The slides walk you through the evolution of AI over the years. Since it starts from the basics to advance, even a non-expert can assimilate about the domain. It also demonstrated various building blocks of AI like deep learning, machine learning, and their use cases.

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