7 Things That Attending Cypher 2018 Can Add To Your Resume

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Resumes are of course a deciding factor for the kind of jobs that you might end up getting. This is true especially for beginners and mid-level professionals who are trying to make their way in the industry. In such cases, adding the right credentials in your resume might do the charm. While academic qualifications and project work is important in deciding the overall chances of you getting a job, attending events and conferences that suit your work profile is definitely an added advantage.

Cypher, India’s largest analytics summit is one such go-to event for analytics, data science and AI enthusiasts. This conference offers a lot of important credentials to add to your resume:


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1| An Extra Title In Your Resume

With all the academic qualifications donning the resume, it wouldn’t do any harm to add an extra title “Events and Conferences”. By filling in details of the event such as the name of the event, the topics you attended, the organising company along with date and year is ought to add weight to your resume. If you are from the analytics community, Cypher will offer you the best atmosphere to inculcate all the recent industry developments over three days, giving that extra edge to your resume.

2| Hand-On Exposure To Workshops And Industry Use Cases

Cypher is loaded with talks and discussions, spread across three days, which will give you exposure to new developments in the fields of AI, analytics, ML, data science and more. With over 70 talks, of which workshops are one of the best highlights, Cypher gives an insight into the practical implementations and industry use cases delivered by the experts. As you learn with professionals, it is definitely going to add a value to your resume. With a lot of workshops distributed over three days, it would be surprising for you to realise how much information is provided in each session. Come prepared to take notes and get a hands-on exposure and learn from the experts.

3| Networking And Relationship Building

This goes without saying that attending an event of such a large scale is a bed of opportunities to meet influential people right from the head of departments to company CEOs. It is the time to make a connection with them, get yourself introduced, add them to your LinkedIn profile — thereby adding an overall value to your resume. With CXOs, managers, data scientists and others from various industries across the globe, you never know with whom you might get yourself introduced to!

4| Increasing Chances Of Getting Internship, Jobs

With networking and relationship opportunities at Cypher, there are chances of placing yourself into better job prospects. For those at the beginner level may explore chances of an internship by speaking to industry leaders and understanding the availability of job roles or internship at their respective companies. Whereas for those at the mid to senior-level, Cypher provides a chance to meet like-minded people and explore the opportunities that lie ahead and make it big in analytics career.

5| Participation In Day-Long Hackathon

We recently wrote about how hackathons and hiring go hand-in-hand. As analytics recruiters are always in a need of skilled candidates for various job roles, participation in hackathons can add those required skills in your resume. At Cypher 2018, we would be conducting day-long on-premise hackathons to test your skills against hundreds of other participants. Not only would participating in this industry-curated machine learning hackathon give you a chance to win interesting prizes but add a significant value to your resume. That’s not all, during the hackathon, product managers and recruiters from various companies would get an excellent opportunity to mingle with the developer community, to perhaps pick the best talent to put in a waitlist.

6| Participation In Open Mic Sessions And Quizzes

Cypher 2018 brings the opportunity for data enthusiasts at various levels across all industries to hone and test their knowledge to battle with the best in the industry. The quiz organised at the event would test the knowledge of participants in the area of AI and analytics, hence providing a unique platform to exhibit their knowledge. Judged on the basis of two rounds and an opportunity to win the grand prize at the event, participation in analytics industry-driven quiz can demonstrate your knowledge, creativity and experience in the field, and adding a value to your resume. Cypher 2018 also brings an opportunity to participate in open mics, which is a platform to share your thoughts with the analytics industry in an informal way. Taking the stage, sharing your thoughts in quick 10 min and adding it your resume, can open a door to new opportunities.

7| A Better Understanding Of the Industry

The fourth edition of Cypher is expected to host more than 100 speakers, 70 talks from across four parallel sessions over three days. Such high-quality content, it is going to add a lot of value to your understanding of analytics, data science and AI industry. By listening to the first-hand experiences of the industry experts, and being up-to-date with the latest happenings in the industry, you are going to score much more in your next interview with the analytics recruiter. You can easily score more than the fellow applicants given the knowledge and information you would gain at Cypher.

So, what are you waiting for, get yourself registered for Cypher 2018 now!

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