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7 Things To Look Forward To At MachineCon 2020

7 Things To Look Forward To At MachineCon 2020

7 Things To Look Forward To At MachineCon 2020

The third edition of MachineCon has been announced by Analytics India Magazine, to be held on the 28th of May in Mumbai. Produced by the team behind Cypher, MachineCon is eagerly awaited by the significant names of the industry for its great networking opportunities and enlightening sessions. The conference will see 100 analytics leaders from domestic Indian firms attend the conference along with key players in the industry.

MachineCon 2020 will give the industry leaders a huge platform to discuss opportunities and challenges in this emerging space of analytics. One of the key highlights of this year’s event is Analytics100 Awards, which will recognise the contributions of India’s leading 100 analytics and AI visionaries who have advanced data and analytics initiatives in their organisations.

Here are seven things to look forward to at this year’s MachineCon.

Exchanging Valuable Insights And Sharing Knowledge

MachineCon 2020 will have some key vendors of the analytics space and some powerful data science leaders sharing knowledge, showcasing their innovation, and discussing the business problems. The conference will host C-level executives, VPs and heads of data science teams who will be provided with a platform to share ideas and challenges of the field. It will also give a platform for business leaders to gain valuable insights and discuss their groundbreaking innovations with analytics adoption. MachineCon 2020 will have some of the best speakers from the analytics and data science industry to deliver talks that matter to the attendees. 

A Platform For Networking And Exchanging Business Opportunities

MachineCon, to be held in Mumbai, will give its attendees a platform to network and talk about business opportunities in the field of analytics and data science. The very idea of the machine conference is to boost the adoption of analytics and will honour 100 analytics leaders from the country. Being a powerful gathering of data science and analytics leaders, MachineCon will be a perfect environment for AI, data science and machine learning enthusiasts to meet their peers and explore newer opportunities. This year’s conference will also host an exhibition area for organisations willing to showcase their innovation, capabilities and a place for them to interact with the industry leaders.


Witnessing An Enthusiastic Crowd Of Industry Experts

With an agenda to boost the adoption of analytics in organisations, MachineCon 2020 is dedicated to bringing in enthusiastic leaders from the world of data science and analytics under one roof. This year’s conference is expecting an attendance of approximately 200 attendees who are relentlessly working towards bringing analytics to the mainstream. Whether you are an attendee, a business leader or a tech expert, this year’s MachineCon will definitely provide you something interesting to take home with. One can also meet and greet the gurus of analytics from the country.

Interactive Use Cases To Provide Better Understanding Of Industry Problems

MachineCon 2020 acts as an excellent opportunity for the technology heads and business leaders of the country to learn about what is trending in the field of analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence with the help of use cases. The talks at MachineCon will showcase some significant industry use cases, which will, in turn, make it easy for the attendees to learn and understand real business problems and the working ecosystem. The talks, showcasing real-life industry use cases will help new entrepreneurs to understand the challenges associated with the AI ecosystem. If you wish to learn what’s happening in the business world, and the latest developments in the field, MachineCon 2020 will be the right platform to do so.

Get Inspired By 100 Influential Leaders In The Analytics Industry.

MachineCon 2020 will recognise the best minds of the analytics industry and will celebrate their success by honouring them with Analytics100 awards. For this, we, the editors of Analytics India Magazine and industry veterans, handpick the applicants based on their work in the space of analytics. Such a prestigious award will motivate and inspire delegates and attendees of MachineCon to work harder towards bringing in innovation in the analytics domain. The industry will recognise the winners at The MachineCon – the 28th of May, 2020, at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai.

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Have A Closer Interaction With Data Science Advancements

The technology and analytics space is dynamic and rapidly advancing, MachineCon 2020 will provide an opportunity to get first-hand experience of the developments taking place in the space. This conference will have some of the best and significant speakers from the domain who will deliver talks that will provide valuable insights into the industry. MachineCon 2020 will be a hub of analytics leaders from various aspects and sectors who will give you a closer perspective of the business world and how the analytics is applied in their companies. Being a close-knit invite-only event, this conference will provide a learning environment to share knowledge from the analytics heads, senior professionals, leaders and more.

Exclusive Conference Providing Networking Opportunity Like Never Before

Apart from well-scheduled talks and discussions, MachineCon 2020 will provide a platform for business leaders to be free of their busy mind and connect with their peers over a networking cocktail. The conference will witness the who’s who of the data science and analytics industry, providing an exclusive opportunity for you to pick somebody’s brain and discuss how to transform data into a competitive advantage. Having some of the prime personalities from the data domain onboard, the MachineCon will let delegates connect to the leaders from the industry and get the top-notch solutions to their data problems.

This is an invite-only conference. Join us in Mumbai for an insightful and informative one-day event and network with some of the biggest names from the Indian analytics industry. 

When: May 28, 2020, at Hyatt Regency, Mumbai

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