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7 Ways Drones Are Being Used In India

7 Ways Drones Are Being Used In India

Drone technology has been around for decades now, and with time this technology is just getting better. There was a time when drones were only used in military task or activities, however, drones today are being used by other people and that too on a day-to-day basis. Behind this ever-increasing popularity, drone companies also major role; their innovations and the way they have advertised.

Apart from military use, let’s have a look at the other verticals where Indians are making the most of the drones.

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Here Are Some Of The Ways Drones Are Being Used In India

Agricultural Drones

It is not the IT sector that is reaping the benefits of evolving technologies, even agriculture is also of such vertical that has been touched by technology. The impact of technology in agriculture is positive, and with the advent of technologies like drones, it is experiencing a big change in improving the efficiency of agriculture.

Fopple Technologies is one such company which is playing a vital role in this transformation. The company has devised drones that spray pesticides on the fields. Now, farmers don’t have to do it manually, which is both time-consuming and increases health at risk.

In Mapping Property And Slum Areas

According to one of our report, most of the litigation in India are related to property disputes or titles. And in order to deal with it, the Indian government, with the help of private companies, is using drones.

Last year, the government of Odisha has been using drones to map out the urban slums. Also, the govt. was ready to give titles to 2,00,000 households in urban slums and those on the outskirts of cities by the end of 2018.

Drone For Delivering Parcels

A couple of years back, Amazon once filed patent for the use of drones in India for delivering e-commerce packages, and in response to that Indian Civil Aviation Ministry announced in 201 that it would soon be a reality to witness the use of drones for such purposes.

If Amazon successfully pulls this off, then it would not only be one of the most quirky uses of drone that India will witness but it will also take e-commerce one step ahead.

Drone Racing

Last year in November, India witnessed a quirky drone event. In association with Indian Drone Racing League (IDRL), Bengaluru Tech Summit hosted India’s biggest and most extravagant drone racing competition.

It was a night drone racing where pilots flew there drones at more than 160 kmph through a live video feed sent from the drones directly to the pilot’s goggles. Talking about quirky drone uses in India, this drone racing event is definitely one of amazing. Over 26 drone pilots from across India participated and Ritvik Suneel Nesargi from Pune was the winner who was awarded a cash prize of ₹1 lakh.

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First Aid Drone

Last year in Chennai, India, a team of engineering students designed a drone that could be used to carry first-aid box accident spots where vehicles or ambulance can’t reach. According to the students, the drone was designed in such a way it can carry a first-aid box of up 8 kgs of weight and it can fly at a speed of up 70kmph. That is not all, the drone equipped with an interactive screen that is used to guide and explain the kind of first aid to be given based on the type of accidents and injuries.

Traffic Monitoring And Security

Talking about security and traffic monitoring, India is wholeheartedly accepting drones. Bengaluru is one of the cities in India to have drone surveillance in many parts of the cities. In December 31st, 2017, the city police deployed several drones to keep an eye on the crowd in order to ensure security.

Places like MG Road, Koramangala, Indiranagar in Bengaluru were under drone surveillance during the new year’s night in 2017. Also, in 2018, the city was successfully monitoring all the activities. This is one of the best uses of drone that India has witnessed.

Photography And Videography

This is most probably the most popular use of drones in India. The nation is full of photography and videography talents and people always try out different ways. Also, YouTube has given a great platform to all the Indian to showcase their skills and with the help of drones, people are reaping the benefits. Furthermore, wedding photography and event after movie are also gaining a lot of popularity and drones seem to become an integral part of it.

DJI, one of the well-known drone manufacturer has created some of the best drones that fulfil the needs of the aerial photographer/videographer. Its Mavic 2 Pro, a foldable and portable drone is one of the most sought after drones today. Mavic’s Hasselblad L1D-20c Camera produces iconic images. It has a 20 MP 1” CMOS Sensor and an adjustable aperture of f/2.8 – f/11. Talking about the video side, the drone’s camera captures 4K 10-bit HD video.

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