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8 Best Free Resources To Learn Tableau

Tableau is one of the trending and most popular visualisation tools among the data science community. It not only creates fast visualisations of data in the form of worksheets and dashboards but is well-known in making data more accessible with its inherent visual capabilities.

In this article, we list down eight best free online resources to learn Tableau.


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(The list is in no particular order). 

1| Free Training Videos

Source: Tableau Blog

About: Tableau itself provides several video resources to learn data visualisation using their platform. The free training videos include content such as how to get started on Tableau, how to prepare, analyse and share data, how to publish Tableau online or Tableau server, among others. There is also an Instructor-Led Training classroom where you can learn virtually from the experts. The training courses include 90 days of free access to skills update webinars, teaching you how to use the new features of each quarterly Tableau release.

Get the course here.

2| Learn Tableau Desktop for Accurate Business Analysis

Source: Udemy

About: This free course will help you get started with Tableau desktop. It covers topics such as creating a workbook with a new data source connection, how to share your work via a range of platforms, among others. The course comprises video lectures and supporting notes. In addition to that, you will also receive a variety of workbooks as well as additional tools. 

Get the course here.

3| Data Visualisation and Communication with Tableau

Source: Coursera

About: It covers how to become a master at communicating business-relevant implications of data analyses. Here, you will be using Tableau features and will be able to make compelling visualisations that harness the perceptual and cognitive tendencies to convey conclusions directly and clearly. By the end of this course, you will know how to structure your data analysis projects, how to streamline your analyses as well as highlight their implications efficiently using visualisations in Tableau. To gain the assignment access and completion certificate, you will need to pay some amount. However, Coursera provides a limited amount of time where you can access the whole course for free.

Get the course here.

4| Kickstarting Tableau

Source: Udemy

About: In this free course, you will learn the basic content required to get started with the Tableau software. In simple terms, you will learn the basics of Tableau, what it does, how is it used, how to connect with data sets, create different kinds of charts, save your reports, publish it to Tableau Public, and more. By the end of the course, you will learn how to use Tableau, create charts and reports in Tableau, save and publish it to Tableau Public. 

Get the course here.

5| Data Visualisation with Tableau Specialisation 

Source: Coursera

About: This specialisation course, in collaboration with Tableau, is intended for newcomers to data visualisation with no prior experience of Tableau. The course leverages Tableau’s library of resources to demonstrate best practices for data visualisation and data storytelling. The course will help you to generate powerful reports, help make decisions and take actions based on business data. To gain the assignment access and completion certificate, you will need to pay some amount. However, Coursera provides a limited amount of time where you can access the whole course for free.  

Get the course here.

6| Tableau Fundamentals for Aspiring Data Scientists

Source: Udemy 

About: It covers the most fundamental concepts in Tableau from scratch. After completing this course, you would be able to create rich visualisations easily. The course includes topics such as aggregation and granularity, dimensions and measures, how to create a bar chart, line chart and dashboard, among others. 

Get the course here.

7| Learn Tableau

Source: NYIM blog

About: In this blog, you will learn Tableau for data visualisation with free resources and tutorials. You will learn how to create maps in Tableau, colours, how to use table calculations and parameters, how to install Tableau public, what multi-layered maps are, among others. 

Get the course here.

8| Data Visualisation in Tableau 

Source: Udacity

About: This course covers how to apply design principles, human perception, colour theory, and effective storytelling with data. You will learn data visualisation fundamentals, design principles, steps to create visualisations with Tableau and more. This course is part of both the Business Analyst and Data Analyst Nanodegree Programs. 

Get the course here

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