8 Business Intelligence & Analytics Tools To Check Out In 2021

8 Business Intelligence & Analytics Tools To Check Out In 2021
Image © 8 Business Intelligence & Analytics Tools To Check Out In 2021

Over the last decade, business intelligence and data analytics have witnessed a massive transformation — from storytelling becoming a norm for businesses and the introduction of artificial intelligence to ensuring data governance and cloud connectivity. But, by the mid of the year 2020, the data landscape has completely been upended. One has to be living under a rock, not knowing that data is now the new oil for businesses, where every organisation, despite its domain, wants to leverage data to make better decisions and predict future outcomes. But the problem remained the same, i.e. managing data to make the most of it. And this is where modern BI tools and augmented analytics comes into the picture.

Keeping the industry abreast, we have come up with a list of business intelligence and analytics tools that one can check out in 2021. While there are market leaders like Zoho Analytics, Tableau, SAS, Qlik Sense, and even Google; in this list, we have picked the ones that are challenging these dominant players and coming out with newer innovations in the field of analytics. These business intelligence platforms also made a mark in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms last year. Read on!


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Acquired by Google Cloud, business intelligence software and biodata analytics platform, Looker claims to help businesses explore, analyse and gain real-time analytics. It combines all the company data and provides a 360 degrees view of the organisation and customers. Along with an interactive dashboard, Looker comes with unified metrics, version control, and best-in-class APIs. It uses multi-cloud hosting and an in-database architecture that can be scaled easily with enterprise-grade encryption. Further, Looker has been termed as a challenger in the Gartner’s 2020 list because of its powerful analytics platform.

Key Features:

  • Helps in defining the metrics to drive business while gaining single-point access to trustworthy data.
  • Ability to connect directly to the database with no data extracts and no software downloads.
  • Expert-approved Google Marketing Analytics Suite.

Check out the tool here.

TIBCO Software

With a specialisation in big data and software integrations, Tibco Software offers Tibco Analytics, allowing businesses to explore data whether it is big, small, streaming or at rest. Its AI-powered analytics and natural language capabilities make it easy for companies to generate insights from data. The connected Intelligence platform connects any application or data source and predicts outcomes in real-time and at scale. Further, it’s data visualisation builds a better understanding of the business performance and opportunities coming ahead. Gartner has termed Tibco Software as one of the key challengers for these market-dominating leaders.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven insights and data visualisations.
  • Award-winning JavaScript framework for embedding analytics into web applications.
  • Modernise business reporting and cost-effectively deliver pixel-perfect reports.

Check out the tool here.


An enterprise-based business analytics and mobility platform, MicroStrategy builds and deploys analytics and mobility apps for businesses. Its open business intelligence software builds customer grade intelligence applications, empowers businesses with data discovery, provides augmented power analytics and supports mobile BI. It also comes with data mining and predictive analytics capabilities with a comprehensive library and open source tools for data visualisation. It is recognised as a challenger by Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020.

Key Features:

  • Self-service on governed data with Dossier.
  • Augmented Power BI with MicroStrategy 2020.
  • Can deploy its mobile intelligence for every user on any device.

Check out the tool here.


Domo, a cloud software company that gives businesses the ability to have self-service analytics and IT security with scale and governance. With Domo Business Cloud, organisations can dynamically integrate data from various sources and turn it into live visualisations. Further, it can also be integrated into the workflows and applications that empower the entire business. Its data integration capabilities unleash dark data from cloud systems through 1,000+ adaptive and bi-directional connectors and help enterprises make better decisions with predictive tools and AutoML. The platform has been recognised as a niche player by Gartner Magic Quadrant 2020.

Key Features:

  • The business cloud serves fast-paced data intelligence.
  • Provide access to well-governed BI power to business users.
  • Build on and extend Domo’s open cloud platform to create custom solutions.

Check out the tool here.

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Datapine provides a business intelligence software that allows non-tech employees to perform data visualisation and share data with their business leaders. With all-in-one data integration, the software enables businesses to connect all the organisation’s data sources in one centralising place. It comes with interactive dashboards and an advanced expression library that helps users analyse data sets with SQL knowledge. Further, it leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning for pattern recognition alert and threshold alerts.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop user interface with powerful filters.
  • Build and run SQL queries by drag and drop.
  • Data alerts have been designed with an AI algorithm using the most advanced neural network for anomaly detection.

Check out the tool here.

Clear Analytics

With a motto — Make everyone a power analyst, Clear Analytics, provides powerful business intelligence using Excel. It also offers fast and easy no-training and no-migration integration and easy ways to share the data securely. Its intelligence platform maintains governance, monitors data utilisation behaviour and ensures infrastructure security by improving data quality and delivery. Additionally, it comes with a drag and drops feature that enables non-technical business users to explore data. Its AI capabilities and automated platform eliminate common errors and maintain a virtual link between data and its source.

Key Features:

  • An intuitive query builder built right in Excel enables non-tech folks to explore data.
  • Ability to drag and drop data from your trusted data-sources right onto Excel.
  • Centralised access control and full traceability for IT. 

Check out the tool here.


Yellowfin is a business intelligence and analytics provider that offers Yellowfin Analytics Suite for businesses to extract transformational value from their data. The company combines interactive dashboards, automated data discovery, and data storytelling into a single, integrated platform for businesses to gain a complete analysis experience. Designed for data professionals, Yellowfin Analytics Suite connects to the organisation’s data and prepares it for analysis. It furthers automate critical parts of the analysis process, freeing up analysts’ time to interpret insights and suggest actions. According to Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant, Yellowfin is a visionary.

Key Features:

  • Automated data discovery and operationalised data science models.
  • Bi-directional workflows and low-code deployment.
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics with embedded workflows and actions.

Check out the tool here.

IBM Cognos Analytics

A web-based business intelligence suite developed by IBM, Cognos Analytics is fueled by artificial intelligence and supports an organisation’s entire analytics cycle. Its BI solution can clean and connect the data to create stunning visualisations and showcase your business performance. It also comes with a Cognos mobile app that gives real-time insights at-a-glance straight to the customers’ phone. It uses its built-in AI to accelerate and improve blending data or finding the optimal tables for a particular model. Artificial intelligence helps uncover the hidden trends and provides the facts behind an organisation’s data and delivers insights in real-time. Gartner recognised Cognos Analytics as one of the niche players in the Magic Quadrant.

Key Features:

  • AI-assisted data preparation.
  • Ability to create dynamic dashboards easily with drag and drop feature.
  • Use an AI assistant to get an answer to your question in a visualisation mode.

Check out the tool here.

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