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8 Free Linux Learning Resources For Programmers

8 Free Linux Learning Resources For Programmers

Linux has gained popularity over the last several years and as we can see it has been growing exponentially. Tech giant Microsoft even announced to make a big shift to Linux as this operating system offers much more flexibility as well as configuration options. In this article, we list down top 8 Linux courses for the programmers which are free to access.

(The list is in no particular order)


1| Introduction To Linux By The Linux Foundation Training

This course explores the various tools and techniques commonly used by Linux system administrators and end-users to achieve their day-to-day work in a Linux environment. The duration of this course is 8 weeks where limited effort must be given for 5-7 hours per week. It is designed for experienced computer users who have limited or no previous exposure to Linux, whether they are working in an individual or Enterprise environment.

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2| Linux Basics: The Command Line Interface

This course is provided by Dartmouth College (DartmouthX) at edX where you can learn the Linux Command Line interface within a duration of 7 weeks. This course will help you learn to use basic commands to control the Linux Operating System, navigate and manipulate the Linux Filesystem using the command line interface, manage the memory and processes running on Linux, compile and execute a C program on Linux and much more.

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3| An Intro To The Basics Of Linux By Cisco

This 8-hour course will help you learn Linux from scratch. You will learn to wade into the shallow end of Linux, the back-end operating system used by global titans such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, NASA, etc. You will be guided step-by-step through a series of hands-on virtual machine activities. Here, you will learn the basics of the Linux Command Line Interface (LCI), how to apply skills using a Linux virtual machine and much more.

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4| Fundamentals Of Red Hat Enterprise Linux By Red Hat

This 9-week free course is provided by Red Hat where you will learn practical techniques for using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and how to perform basic system administration tasks. In this course, we’ll cover how to access the command line, manage files from the command line, create, view, and edit text files, manage local Linux users and groups, monitor and manage Linux processes including install and update software.

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5| Linux Tutorial And Projects

This course includes 41 mins on-demand video, 3 articles including 4 downloadable resources with full lifetime access. You will learn to install an SSL Certificate on CentOS Linux and Apache, load Balance HTTP and Web Traffic Using Nginx as well as configure MySQL Master-Slave Replication on Ubuntu Linux.

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6| Linux Essentials By Cisco

This is a 70 hours course which will help you to expand your basic knowledge of Linux. This course bridges the gap between beginner and intermediate skills by offering students hands-on, step-by-step practical lab activities. You will learn entry-level open source concepts, how Linux and the command line are used, etc.

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7| Red Hat Enterprise Linux Technical Overview

This official Red Hat training course will teach students the basics of Linux and demonstrate basic practical techniques of Linux use and system administration tasks for professionals new to the operating system. Short lectures and demonstrations will cover distribution, shell, kernel, userspace, file hierarchy, permissions, and more. After attending this course, students will have a basic understanding of the Linux operating system.

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8| Linux Survival

Linux Survival is a free tutorial designed to make it as easy as possible to learn Linux. Even though Linux has hundreds of commands, there are only about a dozen you need to know to perform the most basic tasks. The tutorial uses a simulated Linux terminal so you can practice what you learn.

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