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8 Free Online Resources To Get Your Hands On Data Visualisation

8 Free Online Resources To Get Your Hands On Data Visualisation

8 Free Online Resources To Get Your Hands On Data Visualisation

While gathering and analysing data have been critical for businesses to make informed decisions, communicating it in a representable manner for stakeholders is essential too. And that’s where data visualisation comes into the picture. Not only data visualisation brings life to the relevant information among the heaps of data but also converts complex data into simple, insightful reports for better understanding.

And, with ever-increasing data for businesses to work on, the demand for experienced professionals to bring out insightful data visualisation has been extremely high, now more than ever. Although currently, there are several BI tools available in the market to carry out data visualisation tasks, organisations still need exclusive talents who have expertise in data visualisation skills. 

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Here, we will talk about eight free online resources that will help individuals to get their hands on data visualisation.

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Hands-on Tutorial On Folium For Geographical Data Visualisation

About: This data visualisation tutorial provides hands-on experience on Folium a Python library which is used to create different types of geographical data visualisation. With this tutorial, learners will be able to learn how to create different types of maps and markers on maps. The tutorial will start with installing Folium and importing the required libraries, which will then follow up with exploring Folium by creating a world map with just one line of code. This tutorial will also cover how to create a marker on the map to notify the respective location.

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Data Visualisation with Tableau Specialisation

About: If looking for a free data visualisation course, this course by Coursera could be it. This specialisation course has been designed in collaboration with Tableau, which will examine and navigate various features of Tableau and teach learners how to create and design visualisation and dashboard for the audience. This course will leverage Tableau’s library of resources to highlight the best practices for data storytelling. This course will enable learners to generate powerful reports and dashboards for their business leaders to take improved decisions.

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Data Science: Visualisation

About: This is again a free source provided by edX, which will teach basic visualisation principles and will talk about how to apply them using ggplot2. The course will cover the basics of data visualisation and exploratory data analysis, using ggplot2 and programming language R. Along with that, the course will be focusing on how mistakes, biases, and systematic errors can be handled with care. Starting with data visualisation principles and communicating data-driven findings to using ggplot2 and creating custom plots and weaknesses, it covers a wide range of topics.

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Data Visualisation Tutorial For Beginners

About: Data Visualisation Tutorial For Beginners is a Youtube tutorial presented by Simplilearn, which will start with an explanation of data visualisation followed up by the basics of different types of graphs. Post that the tutorial will focus on Python and its libraries along with the understanding plot and steps to create a story by controlling line patterns and colours along with setting axis, labels and legend property.

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Introduction to Data Visualisation in Python

About: Python has multiple great graphing libraries which are equipped with lots of different features, and this tutorial will provide hands-on making graphs using Matplotlib, Pandas and Seaborn. Starting from creating basic plots using Matplotlib, Pandas visualisation and Seaborn, this tutorial will also cover some specific features of each library. Further, this tutorial will focus on the syntax of the graphs, along with learning interactive plotting tools like Plotly.

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Data Visualisation and D3.js

About: Data Visualisation and D3.js is a free course by Udacity which will focus on the fundamentals of data visualisation and practise communicating with data. This course covers applying design principles, human perception, colour theory, and compelling storytelling to data visualisation. Not only it covers exploratory approaches to discover insights about data but also focuses on visually encoding data to leaders and stakeholders with relevant insights.

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Tableau Tutorial

About: Tableau Tutorial is provided by Javapoint, where they focus on explaining data visualisation along with the tools and architecture of Tableau. Designed for beginners as well as professionals, this tutorial will talk about Tableau filter data, Tableau calculations, data connection along with charts and graphs. Further to this tutorial also proved a list of frequently asked Tableau Interview questions that will help beginners to kick start their career,

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Data Visualisations With Seaborn

About: This tutorial is a micro-course provided by Kaggle where the learners will be able to learn how to take data visualisations to the next level with seaborn, which is one of the prominent data visualisation tools. Usually, to use seaboard, one needs to have prior knowledge of programming language; however, this tutorial has been designed for those without any programming expertise. So if one has no coding experience but is willing to learn how to make attractive plots, then this tutorial will help those enthusiasts.

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