8 Fun AI Tools Available Online

8 Fun AI Tools Available Online

“AI for fun” — a phrase that we commonly don’t hear in the industry. Artificial intelligence has always been considered a revolutionary technology that has emerged to solve complex real-world problems like high-level computation, omitting manual labour, or data-driven optimisation. However, with its endless possibilities, there are many applications of AI that make this technology more accessible to the average layman person or kids at home.

To get people’s head around this sophisticated technology developers all around the world are continuously developing some fun AI tools that can be easily accessed online to get hands-on. Not only are these AI tools fun but also provide a good understanding of this technology to the users.

Here is a list of 10 exciting artificial intelligence tools that are available online for anyone to have fun with.


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Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is the most fun tool out of the lot. It is an online AI-powered game developed by Google where the AI has to guess what the player drew on the board. The game uses a neural network to guess the drawings and the human intention behind it. With each of the drawings, the AI enhances its capabilities, which in turn increases its ability to guess the human drawing correctly in the future. The game also allows players to add their sketch to the world’s most massive doodling data set, that has been shared publicly to help with ML research.

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Check out the tool here.


If music composition is your interest, then this AI tool can help you compose your own music amid this lockdown. AVIVA is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create emotional soundtrack music. The tool comes with a preset algorithm to write music in predefined styles like — modern cinematic, pop, electronica, and jazz, to name a few. This tool has gained its due prominence, where it is now used for soundtracks for films, advertising agencies as well as game studios.

Check out the tool here.

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Even Stranger Things

One of the craziest of the lot — Even Stranger Things has gained its prominence with the recent popularity of a sci-fi and fantasy Netflix series, Stranger Things. It is an online AI-powered tool that identifies what’s in an image and generates a stranger things poster for the same. To facilitate this, the user has to upload a picture, and with one click, it creates a Stranger Things poster of the image.

Check out the tool here.

Scribbling Speech

Scribbling Speech is an online AI tool that has been developed by Google with cloud speech API. This tool turns real-time free speech into animated drawings. With the speech input, the tool uses machine learning and recurrent neural networks for generating an image controlled by linguistic structures. 

Check out the tool here.

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Check out the tool here.

Thing Translator

Thing Translator can be a handy tool while travelling, which lets the user point their phone camera at a particular thing, and the tool will help you say it in different languages. Developed as part of Google’s AI Experiments project, this tool will allow users to use Google’s machine learning APIs without knowing anything about it. Further, it uses Cloud vision API as ell as Translate API.

Check out the tool here.

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Another fun one to generate music, however this time it’s rap lyrics. DeepBeat is an AI-based online program that produces rap lyrics by combining existing lyrics of rap songs. Created as a machine learning research tool, Deepbeat, leverages a massive database of 641,000 lines of lyrics in English and Finnish, from 12,500 songs performed by famous rap artists. The users have to select an opening line, and the tool uses a deep neural network to choose relevant lines syncing to that.

Check out the tool here.


PoemPortraits is a tool that helps in creating personalised poems with the help of artificial intelligence algorithms. Aimed to build a bridge between AI and humans, PoemPortraits requires users to donate a word, and the system will come up with an original poem based on the millions of words of nineteenth-century poetry. All these generated poems are forming an ever-evolving, collective poem on the platform.

Check out the tool here.

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