8 Open Access Resources For AI & ML Research Papers

The Internet has been a godsend for many AI and ML enthusiasts who are looking to learn more about the technology, as it has opened up many journals, documents and research papers for those who need it. While paywalls were a common sight when trying to access ML, DL and AI research sites, a field-wide commitment to Open Access has released a lot of information into the wild.

Whether one is a beginner in the AI field and wishes to gain more in-depth knowledge, or an expert looking to widen his field of knowledge, here are 8 ML, DL and AI Open Access resources for research papers.

1. Neural Information Processing Systems Foundation

The NIPS Foundation blog houses research papers regarding the progress of neural networks and systems regarding them. What’s shocking is that they have been doing so since 1987, offering users the unique opportunity to look at how the fundamentals of neural networks emerged. With hundreds upon hundreds of papers available at the site, it is a great resource for learning online.

2. Academia.edu

Academia.edu functions as a platform for academicians to share research papers regarding their general field. The website uses analytics to measure impact, with over 22 million papers added to the platform as of now. The website also has hundreds of machine learning papers available for viewing or download after signing up with an email ID.

3. GitHub

Dedicated communities of ML enthusiasts have created multiple lists of the must-reads in the machine learning and deep learning fields. These include not only curated lists of some of the influential papers published over the past few years, but also some hidden gems and a vast amount of knowledge. Some examples include terryum‘s “Awesome – Most Cited Deep Learning Papers”, and floodsung‘s “Deep Learning Papers Reading Roadmap” collections.

4. arXiv.org

arXiv.org is not the and top-voted great place to read research papers on a wide variety of topics, but also functions as a repository of ML and DL papers. The collection of research papers on the platform are over 1.5 million, with over 36,000 papers for machine learning alone. It is a great place for those looking to get started on reading about ML and DL. The platform will also expose individuals to a wide range of applications of AI technology due to its vast range of well-written papers.

5. OpenAI

This world famous entity was founded with a mission to advance AI research and safety and make it more human-centric. It recently turned for profit and is billed as a go-to platform for the latest research papers regarding AI development, especially in the field of Reinforcement Learning. They have contributed 16 papers to the ML community, along with open-sourcing the models and training data used.

6. Computer Vision Foundation

The Computer Vision Foundation has been a leading voice in the computer vision space, with multiple conferences starting from 2012 onwards. Starting from 2013, the research from these conventions have been archived in an open access format so as to allow further research to take place in the field of computer vision. Moreover, it also has a stance to open up the field so that individuals from across the globe can access information on it.

7. Journal of Machine Learning Research

JMLR website provides the papers published in the journal from 2000 onwards freely online, bringing high quality ML research papers to the public. Starting from October 2000, 20 volumes have been published on the website, with each containing anywhere from 50-100 research papers on Machine Learning

8. Association for Computational Linguistics

This is an association that researches the applications and science of computational linguistics, along with publishing a journal by the name of “Computational Linguistics”. The journal is also Open Access, bringing more than 30 years of research in the NLP field to the web for everyone to learn. Each year has 4 issues, offering a lot of information regarding the rise of NLP over the years.

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