8 startups in India reshaping the wearable industry


We brings to you a list of top startup wearable companies in India that have been bringing striking innovations in the form of a wide range of products starting from a smartwatch, to smart ornaments, smart shoes and much more. Being a tech enthusiast, we have covered a lot of aspects of wearable technologies– from its stupendous growth in the market to a downfall of few others like Jawbone and Pebble. With every story, we have covered a bit more about the technology, and it is the contributors like these startups that has kept the industry moving forward.

With most of its citizens striving to be a fitter form of themselves, India has seen an evident increase in the consumption of fitness trackers, smart watch, wristband and shoes. That’s not all, with the ever concerning area for women safety, there are startups who have brought in smart wearable ornaments that can ensure safety of the woman wearing it. And the list goes on….


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Read our list of wearable startups in India that are making it big (listed in alphabetical order)

1. Actofit:

Actofit, an early stage wearable tech startup, started in 2014, it offers a wristband having biosensing capabilities and a cutting-edge motion tracking platform that allows it to track, identify, analyze and predict meaningful information. That’s not all, it also gets converted into actionable insightful data, that can help fitness enthusiast optimize their workouts.

Powered by the most advanced machine learning algorithms and data science, they make use of best cloud computing technologies. It has a fully blown out end-user mobile applications on both iOS and Android that allows a holistic user experience. This workout tracker, auto tracks the entire workout– by identifying exercises, counting reps, measuring heart rate, exercise specific caloric burns and auto-logging all of these on the User App as well as the cloud portals, thus allowing users to have a actionable and meaningful feedback to make data-driven decisions.

The recently concluded CES exhibition by the company saw a lot of interest from various tech + distribution behemoths and has initiated pilots with a few of them. They have shipped over 2500 units from its pre orders with major distributors lined up in Europe and Middle East. they have tied up with Amazon and are hopeful to start the sale in next 1-2 months in India and U.S.

2. Boltt:

This Indian startup was conceptualized to serve the masses with the technology that not only enhances their lifestyle but also provides them with actionable feedback and tangible results.

The company observed that there are numerous players in the field of fitness technology that are into wearables and apps that gave out data basis a user’s movement or daily routine which would be fed by him into the system. However, there were none that could transform this data into feedbacks/insights that could show the way forward to its users and guide them to achieve their desired fitness goal.

To fill this gap, Boltt developed it AI enabled health assistant “B” (app) which while providing the user with comprehensive information related to nutrition, sleep, activity and running; also converts the data received from wearables into actionable feedbacks when connected with it. The app would be the first of its kind in the market which could be connected with both Boltt wearables and wearables from other brands.

Their dedicated team includes 30 app developers working on Android, IOS and web, 10 dedicated professionals in research and data team, 5 professionals in the design team and product development team, while remaining in marketing department and other support functions.

3. Getactive:

With a belief that like sports, which people play for fun, and not for becoming healthy, this startup gamified the corporate wellness program to fetch effective results. Founded by Mohammed Hussain Naseem in 2009, GetActive is in the space of employee wellbeing & disease prevention.

GetActive is a technology platform, which is device independent. It is designed based on HIPAA guidelines for data privacy & security, as it deals with sensitive health information. It connects with multiple wearable tech devices, Apps and with global health platforms like Google Fit & Apple Health Kit.

GetActive manages the complete wellness calendar for corporates, engages employees actively through its gamified approach for every wellness activity, and finally it uses the data to provide detailed insights to individuals as well as for corporates on workplace wellness.

It serves marquee clients across the Asian and European continent, such as Cisco, KPMG, Accenture, GE, and others. GetActive effectively creates long-term positive health behavioural changes in its engaged employee consumer base and delivers impactful results to corporates in terms of high employee engagement, significant improvement in energy levels, reduction in sick leaves and effective management of wellness programs with return on their investment.

4. Goqii:

GOQii, the world’s leading Health and Wellness Company holds the no.1 position in the Indian wearable market as per latest IDC report. Headquartered in California with offices in Mumbai and Shenzhen, the company is dedicated to enabling a permanent shift to a healthier lifestyle with the combination of advanced wearable technology, the world’s leading experts, coaches, doctors and karma.

The unique GOQii proposition includes a wearable agnostic app, guidance from global experts, coaching counsel and the ability to support a cause that matters to users. GOQii focuses on sustained engagement & goal reinforcement and offers a complete ecosystem as a single integrated solution, which is a powerful combination of technology and human connection.

GOQii is only the third Indian company to have a management case study published in Harvard Business Publishing platform for educators. Its goal is to enable millions across the world to ‘Be the Force’ and unleash their untapped potential.

5. Hug Innovations:

Founded by Raj Neravati, who comes with an experience of 17+ years in IT industry, Hug Innovations constantly endeavors to bridge the gap between people and technology through their wearable products. They believe that the world in in growing need of technology that is more companion than a gadget, and bringing innovations that a user can adopt without having to adapt to them.

The company believes that there couldn’t be a simpler, more approachable word than ‘Hug’ to convey their passion and personality. With this idea, this startup is developing cutting edge, next-gen technology that can deliver sustainable Lifestyle companions. Its product, HUG smartwatch, is the world’s first and only gesture control Smartwatch that provides a new way of interaction with digital world.

HUG is one of the lightest smartwatches ever made, weighs 46 grams and is powered with features like Gesture control, Personal Safety (SOS), Fitness Tracking, Nutrition, Calls, Notifications, Remote Capture, Find my Phone, and more to make it a perfect addition to consumers digital lives. It is available on Amazon.in for a price of INR 7999

6. Retisense:

Sports injuries are a part of players, however most coaches and sports medicine professionals agree that  it can be reduced and even avoided with proper form & posture, and accompanying strength training. Relying on this philosophy, ReTiSense started its work from 2014 focusing on sports injury-prediction, prevention and performance improvement solutions through the use of innovative wearable devices and patent-pending biomechanical analytics. It was founded by Anshuman Singh, a veteran of Semiconductor and Deep Analytics with various career roles in the USA as well as India, most recently at Intel.

ReTiSense’s first product for running enthusiasts, Stridalyzer, has received numerous critical acclaim including being profiled as one of the smartest Running Gadgets on Runner’s World. Stridalyzer is a monitoring and guidance technology built specifically for runners, to help them understand and improve their running form, and thus avoid injuries and improve performance.

Stridalyzer technology can be used not only by individuals as a virtual coach to help them avoid injuries and improve performance, it is also becoming the go-to choice for sports injury specialists, physiotherapists and coaching professionals as a diagnostics and analysis tool. Stridalyzer provides a rich set of tools (called Trainer’s Toolkit) that help coaches and sports medicine professionals get highly-accurate data from their patients, and manage the patient recovery and training process through back-end intelligence that highlights how the trainee is improving over time, or how certain running form techniques are potentially causing chronic problems over time.

Since 2015, it has been shipped to customers across multiple countries including Europe and the US.


7. Sensegiz:

SenseGiz is an IoT based consumer & enterprise products for smart buildings, security, and smart city applications that uses a combination of connected hardware, cloud analytics, and apps.

Keeping the fitness and safety in mind, they came up with a smart band called SAFR, that can monitor all types of fall/crashes, fitness & sleep parameters and can be run on both iOS and Android. SAFR tracks sleeping parameters, step count, distance covered and calories burnt on a daily, weekly and monthly bases.

The SAFR senses fall/crash events automatically & accurately and sends an audible alert, email and SMS to emergency contacts through the app. It has a built in emergency button so you can send alerts with a press of the button with exact location. It is water resistance and has 7 days of battery life when fully charged.

Integrating COIN and SAFR together can result in fall/Crash and Panic button press detection by elderly people at home, apartment or elderly care homes. Any number people using SAFR can be supported by this system which comes with a unique ID. Even if there are several users in the overall premises, each person can be individually identified with this unique ID.  One Coin has to be placed in each room and multiple devices together will form a mesh network.

8. Witworks:

Founded by a team of IIT Kharagpur alumni and ISB dropouts – Somnath Meher, Ankit DP & Chandrashekhar Iyer, Witworks started in 2014. With a perfect blend of product empathy in design, technology and watch craftsmanship in Blink, Witworks vision is to build one of India’s first consumer technology brand.

Built on Witworks’ own voice-based operating system, Marvin OS (an Android based operating system); Blink provides an entirely re-imagined interaction. The company claims that through Blink and Marvin OS, Witworks aim to break the myths around product design & development and push the envelope for technological innovation in the country.

Raising a Seed investment round from Fireside Ventures, Investopad, P39 Capital and a syndicated group of angels in August 2016, Blink has garnered quite an attention from every corner.

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