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8 Things That Sets MLDS 2020 Apart From Other Developer Events

8 Things That Sets MLDS 2020 Apart From Other Developer Events

Harshajit Sarmah

In 2019, with a vision to bring the data science and machine learning developer community together under one roof, Analytics India Magazine launched India’s first exclusive machine learning-focused conference – Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS).

And this year, AIM is all set to launch the second edition of Machine Learning Developers Summit (MLDS 2020), which is going to be bigger and better.

Here are 8 reasons why MLDS is different from other developer conferences:

4 Days, 2 Cities

MLDS started its journey in Bangalore last year, but this year, it is on a mission to deliver value to a wide swathe of machine learning enthusiasts. This time, MLDS will also be held in another tech hub Hyderabad. If in case the Bangalore dates do not match your calendar, you have a chance to experience the world of machine learning in Hyderabad as well.

Cutting Edge And High-Value Content

Being a machine learning and data science-focused conference, MLDS 2020 will feature 60+ speakers and 40+ sessions that will be packed with insightful knowledge. The sessions will not only cover the latest trends, innovations but will also cover some of the top case studies from industries like retail, pharma, e-commerce, healthcare and CPG. And the best part is that these sessions will focus on both technical as well as the business aspect of this technology.


Unlike most of the other technology events and conferences, MLDS will have informed, enriching sessions for the delegates. The workshop sessions will give you have hands-on experience in some of the most popular tools and technologies from machine learning and data science. Irrespective of your current position — whether you are someone who is just getting started or a C-suite executive, these sessions should be on your list.

Recognizing The Real Young Talents From The Machine Learning Domain

There is no doubt that when it comes to technology, India has immense talent. And Analytics India Magazine is on a mission to recognize those talents. 

MLDS 2020 is will feature the 2nd annual 40 Under 40 Data Scientists awards that will recognise India’s young data scientists and leaders who are supporting the growth of analytics and machine learning in their organisation.

Get Your Questions Answered

One of the most interactive conferences, MLDS provides a forum to listen to get great industry content and insightful talks and also gives you an opportunity to get all your questions answered. Besides getting your queries cleared in the Q&A sessions after every talk, the 2-day event will also provide a platform to interact with industry leaders.

Network And Expand Your Business

With more than 1,000 delegates, MLDS promises a great opportunity to connect with people from the same domain and network with top organisations.

See Also

You can also expect a large gathering of machine learning developers from different parts of the country. It is a great opportunity to make connections and grow together in this ever-competitive industry.

Stalls That Would Showcase As Well As Demonstrate Amazing Products

MLDS also provides a platform for companies to showcase their offerings live to a bigger audience. It is also a great opportunity for attendees to check out demos and the latest offerings from some of the leading companies in the industry. It would give you a clear picture of the breakthroughs that are happening in the industry.

Win Exciting Prizes

It’s not nerds and geeks all the time, MLDS will also have some amazing contests going on during the conference. Participate and win exciting prizes. The contests will soon be announced. Be in touch with our social media pages and stay updated.

Tickets: You can book you MLDS 2020 tickets right here.

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