8 Top Quantum Technology Startups In India

In the 2020 budget, the India government allocated Rs 8,000 crores towards the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications. The fledgeling research field has shown remarkable growth in the last few years. Thanks to the strong support in funding and infrastructure to boost quantum computing growth from the government, many private players are making inroads into the domain.

Here, we have listed a few startups leading the quantum computing race in India. 

The list is in no particular order. 


Founded in 2021, Bhilai-based BosonQ’s name is a homage to Indian physicist Dr Satyendra Nath Bose. The startup is building technical infrastructure with a vision to create premier multiphysics simulation software for quantum computing. BosonQ develops world-class quantum computing software solutions, including but not limited to computational fluid dynamics, computational structural dynamics, computational heat transfer, multidisciplinary optimisation, and computational aeroacoustics.

Founded by Abhishek Chopra, BosonQ aims to be a global leader in the quantum computing space. 


Qulabs was one of the first quantum computing startups in India. Founded in 2017, the startup aims to provide services in quantum machine learning, quantum communication, quantum computations, quantum algorithms and simulations, etc. With a multidisciplinary group of research scientists and engineers from IITs, ISI and IISc, the Qulabs is pushing the quantum research frontiers in India. 

The startup has also set up QuAcademy to provide training, development and translation of new quantum technologies. 

QpiAI Tech

Bengaluru-based QpiAI tech is an AI-enabled quantum model generation platform as a service (PaaS) advancing the research efforts in computing and modelling, i.e., bits, neurons and qubits. QpiAI’s quantum computing efforts drive innovations in industries such as life sciences, financial services, transport, industry 4.0, space, among others. QpiAI tech has created special optimisation hardware to solve the problem of model complexity. 

The startup is inventing hybrid classical-quantum computers in the form of ASGP, AI System Generating Processor. QpiAI relies on CMOS-based quantum dots to fabricate hybrid chips which work at Cryogenic temperature and use current semiconductor processes. Founded by Nagendra Nagaraja, the company aims to put 1 million qubits on a chip to address AI/ML model generation problems. 

QNu Labs

Bengaluru-based QNu Labs is a leader in quantum-safe cryptography products and solutions that deals with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). The tech enables the exchange of cryptographic key between two people with encoded quantum bits, also called Qubits. With its unique offerings, the company provides unconditional and forward security of data on the internet and cloud. 

QNu Labs provides quantum random number generator, quantum key generation, quantum key distribution and management solutions across various industries. The startup also provides solutions to ensure customers upgrade their legacy crypto infrastructure to quantum-safe crypto without disrupting their business. QnU has plans to foray into QRNG (Quantum Random Number Generator). 


With offices across Bengaluru and Los Angeles, Automatski performs research in multiple areas, including quantum computing. Some of its remarkable works include circuit quantum computers, adiabatic quantum computers and annealing quantum computers. The startup works in several areas of quantum-inspired software to simulate various quantum computing configurations. It allows simulating configurations with large qubit counts.

Automatski released the world’s most powerful 100,000+ Qubits adiabatic quantum computer and quantum annealing quantum computer in 2018. The company has also put unified scale simulations in production the same year, surpassing its earlier billion entity multi-scale simulations capability.

Quantica Computacao

The Chennai-based startup is developing an emerging quantum artificial intelligence platform with the primary objective of developing a software platform to utilise future quantum computer technology. Quantica develops essential software tools, algorithms and components that help with the development of quantum computers. The firm focuses on developing quantum cryptographic tools to provide quantum-proof data security. Other areas of focus include quantum machine learning and artificial intelligence. Quantica is also developing algorithms to address different real-time computing and data analytics challenges. 

With Alchemy, the quantum virtual simulator, the company is developing a state of the art quantum virtual simulator to compile and run different quantum capable software tools. It has created a single qubit alpha test version currently and is looking to update the simulator to a four qubit one. 


Kolkata-based QRDLab is an industry-first initiative to promote quantum research, education and consulting in multiple areas of quantum computing. With a primary objective of pursuing high-end research in several quantum-inspired software areas, the startup aims to solve various real-life problems.

QRDLab is collaborating with independent researchers and academic institutions to accelerate quantum research. The effort includes translating nascent research ideas and advancing the entire Quantum Computing technology stack in India. The startup’s long-term goals include: developing a quantum-based hybrid cryptographic solution for defence, banking, finance and cybersecurity industries; develop a quantum machine learning algorithm for drug discovery: promote quantum education etc. 

Taqbit Labs

Founded in 2018, Taqbit Labs is one of the leading startups in quantum tech in India. It offers solutions in the deep technology area of quantum key distribution. Quantum-based encryption is not based on a mathematical or predictable model or any algorithm. Instead, it is guaranteed by quantum physics. The encryption is random, which makes it hack-proof. The focus areas of Taqbit include solving QKD’s distance limitations, reliability problems and point-to-point transmission capabilities. 

Taqbit’s technology has been tested and approved by leading government and scientific institutions. It aims to enhance security and data communication by integrating modern quantum technology within an existing infrastructure. Its application areas include aerospace, defence, manufacturing, finance & healthcare sectors. 

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