8 Uses Cases Of Image Recognition That We See In Our Daily Lives

Technology becomes a vital part of our daily life where machine learning portraying as the protagonist behind the technological advancements. Image recognition is an application of such tech future that changed the way we used to see the world. The trends in technology are growing exponentially and image recognition has proved as one of the most accessible applications in machine learning.

In this article, we list some of the new trends in image recognition technique.

(The list is in alphabetical order)

Image Recognition In Daily Life

  • Automobile Industry: Not only the traditional car manufacturers are working on the self-driving cars but also the tech giants are getting their hands on manufacturing such cars. The reason behind these machines includes various reasons like decreasing the rate of road accidents, follow traffic rules and regulations in order, etc. Last year at CES, Cisco announced its partnership with traditional car manufacturing company, Hyundai to help enable over the air updates for autonomous cars.
  • Gaming: Image Recognition changed the dimension in the gaming industry. At the present scenario, the advanced image recognition technology allows the gamer to use their real location as a battlefield for virtual adventures. Recently, there was rumour about developing 4K webcams by Microsoft that will be compatible with Xbox One in order to login into your Xbox One using facial recognition. The advance sensing capabilities of Microsoft Kinect have provided a whole new level to the Xbox 360.
  • Healthcare Industry: The image recognition technology is providing immense help in the healthcare industry. It helps in driving meaningful changes across the journey of a patient. Microsurgical procedures in the healthcare industry powered by robots use computer vision and image recognition techniques. The use of this technique has incremented in the last decade due to the advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Real-time emotion detection can also be used to detect the emotions of the patients to analyze how they are feeling during the time they are hospitalized or when they are about to get discharged.
  • Merged Reality: This is a fusion between virtual reality and augmented reality. To overcome the shortcomings of VR and AR, merged reality is created that delivers virtual-world experiences more dynamically and naturally. For instance, Intel’s Project Alloy or Microsoft’s Windows Holographic Shell, a wireless headset that allows you to bring real objects into the virtual world using 3D cameras.
  • Retail Industry: There is a huge demand for this game-changing technique in the retail industry. Trax is designed for retail and consumer goods that contain SKU database, processing 40,000 images per hour. The quality and price of a product can be compared with the help of an image recognition technique. Tesco, Bengaluru is working with biometrics and image recognition technologies compromises of numerous engines spanning across recognition, geometry, quality scoring for building the technology for the stores, range planning of products and many more.
  • Security Industry: This emerging technology is playing one of the vital roles in the security industry. Whether it be an office, a smartphone, bank or home, security measures are an integral part in very platforms. Many security devices have been developed that includes drones, security cameras, facial recognition biometric devices, etc. At CES 2019, SimCam home security and home automation cameras that are enabled with artificial intelligence for facial recognition, pet monitoring and much more via location training. Netatmo, a smart indoor camera has a feature that starts recording video only when the system detects any unknown faces.
  • Social Media Platforms: Image recognition is playing quite well in this ground as it has made easier for the marketers to find visuals within social media. The image recognition tools are able to search the social media sites for images and compare them to the extensive libraries in order to uncover the right images at unparalleled speed and scale. As a result, it offers huge benefits to companies in regard to customer service. In 2016, Facebook added a feature for visually impaired people by combining facial recognition technique and automatic text technologies to generate an accurate description of the photo content as well as describing who exactly is in the photo without being tagged.
  • Visual Search Engines: This technology use image recognition to provide users with the best search results. Google and Bing being the oldest players in this platform, there are other visual search engines that do the same functions as the bigger players do. For instance, Picsearch is a traditional visual search engine that offers a massive image archive. UK retailer Marks and Spencer recently launched visual search style finder on their store.

Future Trends

This report includes the Global Facial Recognition Phone Market Research Report 2019-2025 that spread across 117 pages with tables and figures with a brief on the trends that help businesses operating in the industry to understand and analyze the market strategies.

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