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8 Ways Companies Can Incentivise Data Scientists To Be More Productive

8 Ways Companies Can Incentivise Data Scientists To Be More Productive

Harshajit Sarmah

Data Science is a vast domain and sometimes the workload can make a data scientist feel stressed. Even though companies provide bonuses, paid holidays and other formal benefits, sometimes these might not be enough to make an employee feel motivated. This is where incentivising comes into the picture, which is all about getting the most out of a mutually beneficial relationship.

In this article, we shall look at some of the employee incentivising tips that companies can use to bring out the best performance and make data scientists more productive.

Data Scientists Love Recognition

The job of a Data Scientist is not easy — it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort. There are instances when a data scientist ends up staying for way too long at work and sometimes, they even have to work when they go back home.

Companies must make sure they recognise even the smallest achievements and appreciate them — it would not only boost the employee self-esteem and but also confidence, and would drive them to perform better. It is definitely a plus point when a company has Data Scientists who are motivated and are ready to take huge efforts not only for the company but for their career as well.

Provide The Ecosystem

Data Scientists are very concerned about the ecosystem they work in and why not, they solve some of the most complex business problems. So, when your company has a data science team, make sure you provide all the necessary tools and resources that are required to do the tasks.

There are Data Scientists who might lack a particular skill and s/he wants to learn that, the company can always provide them with the opportunity to learn and master that by providing training or courses.

It is considered to be a good practice to have conversations with the data scientist in order to know if there is anything they would like to learn or upskill.

Work Flexibility

Irrespective of the work domain, work flexibility is something every professional seeks. Sometimes people tend to be more productive when they work from home. Therefore, when it comes to incentivising employees, work flexibility should also be one of the major things to consider.

Monetary Benefits Aren’t Everything

Studies have showcased that benefits in forms other than hard cash evoke a sense of joy and happiness in the human brain. That is why, instead of giving monetary incentives, companies should sometimes try to provide benefits like gift cards, food cards, or even movie tickets, after doing a background search on the data scientist’s likes and dislikes. This kind of gestures drive a sense of good feeling and employees are able to deal with the blues.

Have An Open Door Policy

The 9 to 5 job of a data science professional tends to be busy — they would rarely get a significant amount of time to deal with other stuff. And this where the open door policy comes into the scenario. When a data science professional faces an issue or if there is any query, they might not like the fact of following a hierarchy to get the issue to solve. If a company has the culture of the open door, it gives a data scientist the sense of little relief to reach out to any senior person and discuss its concerns. 

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Allot Projects That Are Relevant And Significant

A data scientist spends a lot of his/her time on studying and gaining experience, and if they are not assigned some significant projects to work on, it would hit their mindset in a negative manner. It is okay for companies to let the professionals work on smaller projects, but after a time span, if the professionals are fit enough for a big project, make sure you give him/her that opportunity to show their potential.

Another great thing about providing such opportunities is that the data scientist would feel his/her importance at the workplace that would ultimately drive productivity.

Be Transparent About The Company’s Operations

There are many companies across the globe who prefer to keep a significant part of the company operations hidden from its employees, which is not at all a good practice. When you have a data science team that is working day in and day out to solve your business problems, delivering some of the most meaningful insights out of cluttered data, it is imperative for a company to be transparent. If you don’t let them know what the actual business or operation is, you would not get the exact solution. And being transparent to your employees is also a form of incentivising.

Have A Pleasant Work Environment

Nobody wants to work in a toxic environment where everyone just works for the weekend. Organisations can take several steps to have that environment such as relaxation activities, off-work discussion, hobbies, sports, etc. Furthermore, it’s not just about providing facilities but also about keeping the workplace clean and tidy. Have those little touches that make the difference.

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