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84% Of Indian Businesses Will Use AI To Enhance Workers’ Capabilities: Report

84% Of Indian Businesses Will Use AI To Enhance Workers’ Capabilities: Report

man machine

man machine

A new study by Accenture has found out that a vast majority of Indian organisations believe that advanced technologies will be crucial for their future growth. The same study also added that only a few businesses planned to increase their training investment significantly in the next few years, thereby limiting their ability to harness the potential of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.

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Accenture’s latest report titled Future Workforce Study has used opinions from1,100 workers across skill levels in India and a survey of 100 senior executives in India.

The survey highlighted the following points:

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Kaushik Sanyal, GCP Data and AI Capability Lead at Accenture

  • 69 percent of the senior executives agreed that adopting intelligent technologies will be critical to their organisation’s ability to differentiate in the market
  • 59 percent of the executives identified skills shortages as a critical hindrance to future growth
  • 93 percent executives said that it will be important to learn new skills if they are to work with intelligent technologies in the next three to five years
  • 95 percent said that they believed AI would help them do their jobs more efficiently
  • 84 percent expect that over the next three years, collaborations between their workers and AI systems will create new sources of value and improve efficiency.
  • 59 percent executives also intend to use AI to enhance worker capabilities. They are planning to use AI to automate tasks to a large extent
  • 62 percent respondents acknowledged that the proportion of roles requiring people to collaborate with AI will rise
  • 80 percent executives admitted that their workforce is underprepared to adopt advanced technologies

Sunit Sinha, a managing director at Accenture who leads the company’s Talent and Organisation practice in India, said in a statement, “We are entering the age of man-machine collaboration, where machines will augment human capabilities, allowing people to focus on what they do best while doing the things that humans would rather not. It’s clear that the future workforce needs to be skilled to work alongside machines, with a focus on improving the intrinsically human abilities that will determine their success. The commitment to using advanced technologies for growth needs to be supported by an equal commitment to transforming the organisation for the future.”

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