9 Best Facial Recognition Software For Your PC

Facial recognition has become one of the most debated technologies of recent times. Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and others have been doing extensive research around it to help enhance numerous consumer applications, enhance security, help organisations go touchless in pandemic and more.  

While these are large-scale applications, installing facial recognition software into a personal computer can help in various ways such as automated login, use as a biometric for more convenient access, verify personal identity and more. Various organisations are now looking to install facial recognition software into personal computers, and with this article, we take you through nine best facial recognition software for your PC.

(The list is in alphabetical order).


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1| Clarifai

The custom facial recognition software from Clarifai offers two powerful ways to integrate AI, which are Clarifai API and the portal. The face detection system returns probability scores on the likelihood that the image contains human faces and coordinate locations of where those faces appear with a bounding box. 

This system is being used in various sectors, including hospitality, retail, media, etc. The image, video and text recognition solutions are built on the machine learning platform and are made accessible via API, device SDK and on-premise.  

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2| DeepFace

Developed by a team of researchers at Facebook, DeepFace is a lightweight facial recognition and facial attribute analysis framework that leverages a very large labelled dataset of faces to obtain a face representation that generalises well to other datasets.

According to the researchers, this system has closed the majority of the remaining gap in the most popular benchmark in unconstrained face recognition and is now at the brink of human-level accuracy.

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3| DeepVision

Deep Vision facial recognition software provides various features for safety, advertising and urban planning. The features include facial detection, recognition, age and gender estimation, and more. 

It covers a variety of deployment scenarios from edge devices to cloud solutions or even on-premise. Also, the AI-based features can be applied to pedestrian safety and mobility, incident detection, vehicle recognition, among others to provide automated video analysis.

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4| FaceFirst 

FaceFirst is a popular facial recognition software for retail stores, including superstores, grocery, and department stores. The software offers a full range of biometric surveillance, mobile and desktop forensic face detection capabilities to fight theft, organised retail crime and workplace violence.

It includes high-quality cameras and API that easily integrates face recognition analytics with existing technology systems. FaceFirst offers various functions such as authentication, access control, in-person ID verification, online ID verification and age verification.

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5| Face++

Face++ AI is a software that offers computer vision technologies which enable applications to read and understand. The software allows users to easily carry deep learning-based image analysis, with simple and powerful APIs and SDKs.

Face++ AI Open Platform offers both free and premium options for all users. While the free option allows access to all Face++ APIs, with no usage limits, no upfront fees and no commitments, premium membership includes Pay-As-You-Go and Monthly Plan, along with technical support, for businesses of all sizes. 

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6| OpenFaceTracker

OpenFaceTracker is an open-source facial recognition program that is capable of detecting one or several faces on a picture or a video and to identify them via a database. The software comes with lGPLv3 license and a stable version 3.0.

The features of this software include real-time processing of images, face identification, ability to operate on the Windows system, among others.

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7| Paravision

Paravision face recognition is a computer vision developer toolset that powers a wide range of face recognition applications. The facial recognition enables comprehensive security and is deployable in the cloud, on-premises or at the edge.

The software provides a comprehensive toolset for developing advanced face recognition solutions that includes face detection, face verification, face identification, real-time streaming video, among others.

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8| Rohos Face Logon

Rohos Face Logon is a facial recognition software that allows a user to access a Windows computer in an easy and fast way by using any web camera. The software identifies a user by biometric verification based on neural network technology.

The features of this software include automatic login or unlocking desktop by facial recognition, multi-user support, using of USB flash drive as a backup key to log in to Windows, among others.

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9| Trueface

Trueface is an AI-powered facial recognition and digital identity verification system. The platform applies advanced computer vision technology to camera footage and images to enable businesses and other purposes to make immediate decisions based on identified patterns. 

Trueface has developed a suite of the software development kit and a dockerised container solution that harness the powers of machine learning and AI to transform the camera data into actionable intelligence. 

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