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9 Best Online Data Courses That Offer One-On-One Mentorship

9 Best Online Data Courses That Offer One-On-One Mentorship

data science course with one on one mentorship

While one embarks on a journey to become a data scientist, they deal with their share of confusion. Data science is a vast discipline, making it challenging to become a good data scientist as well as secure a good job in this field. This demands that one take the help and guidance of a mentor to deal with the hurdles that may come with a career in data science.

Mentors play a crucial role in the lives of data scientists because they not only clear doubts and confusion, but also help bridge the knowledge gap. Additionally, they help improve skills and help aspirants understand data science as a field.

Below, we have listed some of the best online (paid) data science courses that also offer a one-on-one mentorship opportunity:

Postgraduate Program In Data Science And Machine Learning

Duration: 10 months

Provider: Jigsaw Academy and University of Chicago’s Graham School

The program is an excellent blend of data science, business analytics, visualisation and deep learning with application of advanced analytics models for AI, deep learning and cognitive computing.

The course follows a combination of both in-person and online teaching format. It offers seminars and projects by industry leaders and hands-on learning along with one-on-one mentorship to the students.

Price: Rs. 3.65 Lakhs + GST

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Duration: 6 months + 3 months

Provider: INSOFE

This is a 6 + 3 months program where in the first 6 months, students complete their PGP program with a specialisation. In the next 3 months, the students spend the time in Canada working on their industry project, this period can be extended to 6 months if the students decide to do so. Along with one-on-one mentorship, the students during this time will also attend classes by Technology Product Management and Innovation by world class professors and researchers at Carleton university.

Price: CAD $13,800 

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PG Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Duration: 12 months

Provider: Great Learning

This is India’s #1 ranked AI program. The program consists of 20+ professors and 1300= industry mentors which also include 2 award winning faculties. Great Learning offers to build real world applications under guidance from industry experts and uses data from companies like Uber, Amazon and Netflix.

Great Learning offers online personalised mentorship every week and provides a hands-on exposure through ample projects.

Price: Rs. 2,40,000+ GST

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Advanced Certification Program for Working Professionals

Duration: 13 weeks

Provider: TalentSprint

This program is made keeping the tech professionals in mind. The is led by collaborative  faculty from industry, academia and global blue-chip institutions. The program is a 5-step learning process of lecture, one-on-one mentorship and access to their #1 labs in AI and Robotics research.

The location for this program is Hyderabad and the classes are conducted on the weekends so that it suits working professionals.

Price: 2,00,000 + GST

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PG Diploma in Data Science

Duration: 12 months, 12-15 hours a week

Provider: Upgrad

This course offers five specializations as per learners’ background and career aspirations. By the end of the course, candidates will have a PG Diploma in Data Science from IIT-B with a specialization.

The course offers specializations in:

  • Natural Language Processing
  • Business Analytics
  • Deep Learning
  • Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering

The course also provides dedicated one-on-one career counselling sessions and mock interviews with hiring managers. Along with hiring managers, one gets personalized training mentorship in groups with industry experts.

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Data Scientist- Masters Program

Duration: Online Flexible

Provider: Simplilearn in collaboration with IBM

This masters program is from simplilearn in collaboration with IBM. This program provides hands-on exposure to key technologies like R, Python, SAS, Tableau, Hadoop, and Spark. The program contains 15+ real life projects  and offers a Simplilearn JobAssist program to help you get noticed by the top hiring companies.

The mentorship will be during the JobAssist program which is Simplilearn’s India-specific offering in partnership with This program can be joined once the masters program is completed.

Price: Rs. 49,999/-

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Data Science with Machine learning and AI Pro+ Certification Course with Honeywell

Duration: 6 months Weekend

Provider: ivy Professional School created with Honeywell

The course provides hands-on learning on real-life projects and case studies using tools and programming languages like R, Python, Tableau and also leverages the latest models used in machine learning & data visualisation.

The entire framework of the course is in close collaboration with Honeywell’s senior data science and machine learning practitioners and the candidate has the opportunity to be mentored by them during the course.

Price: Rs. 77,000 (Classroom), Rs. 64,000 (Online)

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Data Science Career Track

Duration: Six months

Provider: Springboard India

This is reportedly the only data science program in India that comes with a job guarantee. The course focuses on the foundations of data science and lets you choose your focus areas. This could be advanced machine learning, NLP or deep learning. The course offers 14 real-life projects, which include two industry-worthy capstone ones that will showcase your skills in the best way possible.

They offer personalized career training with one-on-one mentorship from industry experts.

Price: Rs 1,95,000/-

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Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Duration: 450+ hours live class

Provider: Edureka

This program is for beginners in the Ai and Ml space with basic programming skills. This program helps one kick start their careers in AI, ML and data science.

The program mainly focuses on concepts like Python fundamentals, exploratory data analysis. Inferential statistics, supervised learning, regression algorithm, classification algorithm, unsupervised learning etc.

The course also provides mentorship from NIT Warangal’s experienced faculty.

Price: Rs. 2,22,450 + GST

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