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India’s Top Ethical AI Advocate: The Journey Of Saishruthi Swaminathan

Saishruthi is an active ethical AI practitioner and advocate based out of California. She has been a one of the top contributors to the field of Ethical AI.

Become A Thought Leader In AI And ML

Become A Thought Leader In AI And ML

World’s largest executive doctoral program & world’s only executive doctoral program in data science.

Into Airbnb’s Data Protection Platform

The automation is focused mainly on three areas: data discovery, prevention of sensitive data leakages, and data encryption.

AWS announces general availability of Amazon QuickSight Q

A new ML-powered functionality enables anybody to write questions about their company data in natural language and instantly obtain correct answers with relevant visualisations.

Contextual AI: The Answer To Our Mis-Managed Recruitment Processes

Innovative approaches to talent management require AI-powered platforms.

Airbus Releases the World’s Most Current Satellite Image DataSet, For Data Scientists To Work On

One Atlas, a new satellite image basemap, covers the whole Earth’s landmasses using professional grade images.

Zestimate Algorithm: Invasion of AI on Real Estates

Incorporating artificial intelligence into several stages of the mortgage process.

Dr Swati Jain, Vice President Analytics at EXL Service

Swati Jain

Dr Swati is a seasoned professional with over two decades of analytics and consulting experience…

Dr Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist, CoE AI/ML at Reliance Jio

Shailesh Kumar

Dr Shailesh Kumar has over twenty years of research, academic, entrepreneurship, and industrial experience in…

Google Introduces Families of Neural Networks To Train Faster, SOTA Performance

Google Introduces Families of Neural Networks To Train Faster, SOTA Performance

In the future, we plan to optimise these models further and apply them to new tasks, such as zero-shot learning and self-supervised learning.

Healthcare AI Startup Endimension Raises Rs 2.3 cr In Seed Round

The funds raised will be used to hire talent for new product development, R&D, and sales force expansion.

Pankaj Rai, Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Aditya Birla Group

Pankaj Rai

Pankaj Rai is the Group Chief Data Analytics Officer at Aditya Birla Group. In this…