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What Separates AI From An Idiot Savant Is Common Sense: Hector Levesque

Language will obviously be extremely important for systems interacting with people.  You can only do so much by pointing, waving your hands, and making noises.

Tata Communications’ Alok Bardiya On How Pandemic Drove IoT Adoption

The rise of affordable devices, analytics and cloud computing is expanding the horizons of India’s…

A Future Of IoT That Is Battery-Less

In 2012, IBM took everyone by surprise when they forecasted that there will be 1…

What’s Driving India’s IoT Market?

India’s IoT investments are projected to reach $15 billion by 2021 from $5 billion in…

How This Delhi Startup Uses IoT To Create A Digital Health Ecosystem

For this week’s startup feature, Analytics India Magazine spoke to Kunal Kinalekar, CTO at BeatO,…

How This Bangalore-Based Startup Is Using AI & IoT To Modernise Fleet Management

MTAP Technologies leverages smart solutions that combine the power of the internet, cloud connectivity, and IoT to optimise fleet transportation operations for organisations across industries.

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Guide to Giotto-Time: A Time-Series Forecasting Python Library

Giotto-Time is an open-source Python library to perform time-series forecasting in machine learning with simple codes and built-in pipelines.

IoT Adoption Is Growing In The Enterprise Segment: Huzefa Motiwala, Palo Alto Networks

With more work devices connecting to home networks and personal devices connecting to corporate networks, securing the internet of things became significantly complicated in 2020.

Guide to Giotto-TDA: A high-performance topological machine learning toolbox

Topology is the study of shapes and their properties. Topology doesn’t care if you twist, bend, shear etc. the geometric objects. It simply deals with these shapes’ properties, such as the number of loops in them, no components, etc.

How To Build A Career In IoT?

Internet of Things has truly lived up to its hype. Between 2014 and 2019, the…

IIIT Hyderabad Launches PG Program In IoT & Smart Analytics

Today, the International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIITH) and TalentSprint announced the launch of…

This Dutch Startup Leverages IoT To Simplify Building Management

A recent Deloitte report stated that the adoption of IoT and cloud technologies in India…