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Bhuvana Kamath

My Journey to Data Science: Pragya Mishra of VMware

Pragya Mishra, business analyst (data sciences and analytics), VMware, speaks about the ideal inclusive workplace and the challenges of a business analyst in the data analytics space

Bhuvana Kamath

The Challenges of Being a Data Scientist

Currently, Puspanjali leads Data and AI Practice for UK, Europe and Middle East customers, in delivering business value through Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Lokesh Choudhary

Stable Diffusion vs Midjourney vs DALL.E2

Text-to-image generators are gaining popularity this year. It began with DALL.E 2, but now we have amazing tools like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion and many more. 

Pradeep Menon

Council Post: Enabling a Data-Driven culture within BFSI GCCs in India

Data is the key element across all the three tenets of engineering brilliance, customer-centricity and talent strategy and engagement and will continue to help us deliver on our transformation agenda. Our data-driven culture fosters continuous performance improvement to create differentiated experiences and enable growth.

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