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From Data Ownership To Its Usage, India Requires Clearer Policies & Guidelines, Says Satyam Darmora, Founder Of i2e1

What is the best way to utilise the power of the internet? Satyam Darmora, founder…

Web 3.0

Web 3.0: Handing Ownership Of Data Back To The Users

After almost three decades, the evolution of the internet is standing at the threshold of its 3.0 version.

A Lot Of Enterprises Do Not Have A Clear Separation Of Ownership Of Data And Insights, Says Mahesh Yellai Of Infruid

A Business Analytics and Data Visualization Solutions company, Infruid Labs is a brain child of…

Into Airbnb’s Data Protection Platform

The automation is focused mainly on three areas: data discovery, prevention of sensitive data leakages, and data encryption.

Morningstar Launches “Notebook” Offering Access To Analytics and DataSets

Five individual Notebooks are currently available to users of Morningstar Direct today, and three additional datasets will be released via Notebooks by the end of 2021.

Exciting Times For AI in India: Sameep Mehta, Lead – Data and AI Platforms, IBM Research India

Trust is essential to AI adoption. It allows organisations to understand and explain recommendations and outcomes and manage AI-led decisions in their business while maintaining the full ownership and protection of data and insights.

[Jobs Roundup] Apply For These Latest Data Engineer Openings In India

We have listed the latest Data Engineer job openings in India this week.

Data Science Hiring Process At Mobile Premier League (MPL)

Data Science Hiring Process At Mobile Premier League (MPL)

MPL solves a diverse set of AI/ML problems specific to the gaming industry with one of the largest available datasets in the mobile gaming space in the world

[Jobs Roundup] Latest Analytics & Data Science Jobs At Google India

We have listed the latest analytics/data science jobs at Google India this week.

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How To Land The Right Data Science Job: A Data Scientist Perspective

Data Scientist Rangarajan Vasudevan shares some important questions that one must ask a recruiter before accepting a data science role.

Data-Intensive Applications Need Modern Data Infrastructure

Data-Intensive Applications Need Modern Data Infrastructure

SingleStore, our fast unified database for data-intensive applications on any data, anywhere, is changing the way application developers are powering their modern applications.

Data Science Hiring Process At PhonePe

PhonePe is one of the largest fintech players in the country with 304 million users…