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Deepfake videos
Shraddha Goled

Most Shocking Deepfake Videos Of 2020

Deepfake videos in themselves evoke a range of emotions — a light-hearted chuckle, disgust, and even downright horror– depending on what purpose it has been

Developers Corner
Victor Dey

My Small Project on Animating Images & Videos Using GANsNRoses

GANsNRoses is an open-source library that creates new Images by building a mapping that takes face images and produces them to anime drawings of faces. With the contents of the image being preserved, the same face could be represented in many different ways in the anime. GANsNRoses consists of a function that takes a content code recovered from the face image and a style code, a latent variable that produces an anime face. GNR uses the same image with different augmentations to form a batch, constraining the spatial invariance in style codes, all style codes being the same across the batch. The Diversity Discriminator present looks at batch-wise statistics by explicitly computing the minibatch standard deviation across the batch. This ensures diversity within each batch of images, in turn producing unique animated images. 

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