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Edge of Innovation
Siddharth Jindal

Microsoft Now Makes Google Sweat 

While Microsoft made Google “dance” with its OpenAI partnership, it surely is making them sweat with the Meta partnership

Endless Origins
Bhuvana Kamath

Be Brave! Explore. Chrome Won’t Hang Its Boots

The search giant isn’t going anywhere but may have better feature-rich browser alternatives. Moreover, the numerous security concerns may lead users to switch from the big search giant in the foreseeable future

Endless Origins
Ritika Sagar

What Is A Zero-Day Attack?

The zero-day refers to the fact that a developer has just learnt about the vulnerability and has ‘zero days’ to fix it.

Mystery Vault
Vijaysinh Lendave

Comprehensive Guide To Web Scraping With Selenium

Web scraping, surveys, questionnaires, focus groups, etc., are some of the widely used mechanisms for gathering insightful data. However, web scraping is considered the most reliable and efficient data collection method out of all these methods. Web scraping, also termed as web data extraction, is an automatic method for scraping large data from websites. It processes the HTML of a web page to extract data for manipulation, such as collecting textual data and storing it into some data frames or in a database.

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