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TensorFlow Launches A New Library To Train Similarity Models

TensorFlow Launches A New Library To Train Similarity Models

TensorFlow Similarity looks to support semi-supervised and self-supervised learning techniques in the coming months.

TensorFlow New Release

TensorFlow Releases New 3D Pose Detection Model

Tensorflow has used a statistical 3D human body called GHUM, which is developed using a large corpus of human shapes and motions.

Guide To Build A Simple Sentiment Analyzer Using TensorFlow-Hub

Sentiment analysis is a part of natural language processing used to determine whether the sentiment of the data under observation is positive, negative or neutral. Usually, sentiment analysis is carried on text data to help professionals monitor and understand their brand and product sentiment across the industry and customers by taking the feedback.

A Beginner’s Guide To TensorFlow

TensorFlow allows developers to create dataflow graphs, which are structures that describe how the data moves through a graph, or a series of processing nodes present.

Hands-On Guide To Custom Training With Tensorflow Strategy

Distributed training in TensorFlow is built around data parallelism, where we can replicate the same model architecture on multiple devices and run different slices of input data on them. Here the device is nothing but a unit of CPU + GPU or separate units of GPUs and TPUs. This method follows like; our entire data is divided into equal numbers of slices. These slices are decided based on available devices to train; following each slice, there is a model to train on that slice.

How TensorFlow-Ranking Evolved In The Last Three Years

How TensorFlow-Ranking Evolved In The Last Three Years

Search and recommendation systems have been the most popular applications of LTR models.

JAX Vs TensorFlow Vs PyTorch: A Comparative Analysis

JAX is a Python library designed for high-performance numerical computing.

Guide To Customized Data Augmentation Using Tensorflow

The recent advancement in deep learning models has been largely attributed to the quantity and diversity of data gathered…

On-Device Speech Representation Using TensorFlow Lite

Representation learning is a machine learning (ML) method that trains a model to discover prominent…

A Guide To Audio Data Preparation Using TensorFlow

Data science deals with multiple formats of data. At the basic level, we start with…

Free Resources To Prepare For TensorFlow Developer Certification

TensorFlow Certification is a testament to developers’ expertise in machine learning. The certification programme essentially…

Can MXNet Stand Up To TensorFlow & PyTorch?

“MXNet, born and bred here at CMU, is the most scalable framework for deep learning…