A 360-Degree Look At NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform

NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform

With the proliferation of 5G technology, IoT has further gained steam and is being embraced all over the world. However, the dearth of computing power to process data all the while eliminating the latency is impeding the adoption of the latest technologies.

NVIDIA, the top GPU provider, has taken on this challenge and has been continually working to eliminate the latency. Recently, they have released NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform, a cloud-native platform to deliver next-generation technologies such as AI, IoT, and 5G-based services with low latency.

What is NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform?

It is a high-performance, cloud-native platform that empowers organisations to effortlessly use data and run various applications instantly for offering state-of-the-art solutions. “We have created the NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform for this world, where computing moves beyond personal and cloud to operate at a planetary scale,” said Jensen Huang, NVIDIA founder and CEO, at the Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles. The platform incorporates NVIDIA CUDA-X, GPU servers, and Mellanox Smart NIC to data-intensive solutions and services. 

The highly secured platform provides many layers of security to fortify different cyber attacks, thereby making it reliable and robust at the same time. The platform will support a wide range of NVIDIA solutions on top of it such as Metropolis, AerialTM software development kit. While the former can be deployed to build smart cities, the later will allow telecommunication firms to virtualise 5G radio access networks.

Impact Of EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform

NVIDIA believes in enabling edge-computing by bringing computational power near to the device through decreased latency using 5G technology with its EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform. The idea is to turn computation and put it into networks, thereby, eliminating the requirement of storing information that is being generated from electronic devices. This will not only expedite the process of carrying out real-time analytics but also reduce the load on their cloud storage.

Besides, the EGX Edge Supercomputing Platform will enable companies to offer resource-intensive applications like AR/VR for an immersive experience. The platform in conjunction with 5G can add value to any business in enhancing their products and services for business growth.

Big Picture 

Organisations invest huge money in a private cloud infrastructure just to keep the data for embracing it later for data analysis. This leads to data silos and data within often remains there for a very long period, resulting in the unnecessarily extensive use of resources.

Rather, decreasing such resource-intensive demand is paramount for immediate access to insights. Consequently, adopting NVIDIA EGX Edge Supercomputing Platforms can be a way forward to support the delivery of AI, UX, and other technologies at the edge by accelerating the computing.

Organisations That Have Integrated The Platform In Their Workflows

The platform was adopted by many companies such as Samsung, Walmart, BMW and Procter & Gamble, among others. Their clients are using it for delivering a wide range of applications. For instance, BMW is rendering intelligent video analytics in its manufacturing facility to automate the inspection of data that are being collected by the cameras.

Besides, Walmart is integrating the platform in its intelligent retail lab to offer a complete automated grocery store to improve in-store shopping experiences.

Possible Roadblocks

Since 5G technology comes with its own fair share of challenges such as smaller coverage area, connecting to IoT devices can be challenging. 4G and 3G networks can provide a larger coverage area but their bandwidth is too low for computing data on the networks for real-time data processing. And with a high installation cost of 5G networks, people are critical of the Edge Supercomputing Platform’s success.  


The diverse capability of the platform uniquely places the EGX Platform in the edge computing marketplace to enable the delivery of AI and 5G technology. Blue-chip companies are embracing it to democratise AI and edge-computing alike because of its use case in different business operations.

The company is committed to further enhancing the EGX ecosystem with new features to improve the operational resilience and encompass more organisations.

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