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A Day In The Life Of: A Techie Who Has Found The Right Balance Between Automation & Entrepreneurship

A Day In The Life Of: A Techie Who Has Found The Right Balance Between Automation & Entrepreneurship

In our weekly column ‘A Day In The Life Of’, we are trying to step into the shoes of awesome techies from various organisations and sectors who are working in emerging tech areas like big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things, among others.

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This week Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Suman Nandy the CEO of ePaathsala, who is a hard-core shutterbug and a mixed martial arts enthusiast.

Nandy is a driven and experienced professional who likes to stay motivated. He gets up at the crack of dawn at 5 am every day to walk his dog and go to the gym. A shutterbug with a wanderlust, Nandy also prefers to invest his time in photography tours and workshops.

As the head of a company that has a lot of working moms and remote employees, Nandy says that he keeps his work hours flexible. But that does not mean that work doesn’t spill over in his personal life. “It may happen that I may have to cancel some plan for some unscheduled meetings. However, I try to keep the weekend free for my personal life. And I plan my vacations properly,” he says.

When asked about his social life, Nandy says with a shrug, “My social life, at best, can be termed as active. I do socialise with people. In the weekends I go out with friends and family.”

At work, Nandy is used to wearing multiple hats. “Sometimes I am involved in getting new business and also assisting clients for accreditation and compliance management. I am also involved in product design… I believe in automation and efficiency. I find myself busy in discussions with the team on how to improve the solution and how to build new processes in order to improve efficiency.” 

Nandy also spends a lot of time with personal research and keeps himself updated about new technologies and industry trends, trying out new products and solutions. 

Currently, Nandy and his team are working on AI-based platform with advanced analytics to take their accreditation management to the next level and offer machine learning-based predictability for offering better support to students. “For example, the system may predict which all subjects the students might need more academic support leading to automatic enrolment in the tutorial and remedial classes or providing additional guidance for a particular placement stream,” he explains.

Nandi is also working on a project to connect the students from different institutions with mentors from the industry. “Students in most of the institution lack proper guidance and in most of the cases, the curriculum or the teaching-learning methodology is not updated as per the latest developments. This is a voluntary program where anybody working in any company may spend one hour per week to guide the students online for different project/courses in their area of expertise,” he says.

As an entrepreneur, the onus of keeping the workplace buzzing, partially falls on him. That’s why when we asked Nandy about his best and the worst parts of the day, he said, “The satisfaction that I get by helping deserving students is the best part for me. Through this program, I connect deserving students from remote areas to industry mentors to improve their employability. These students otherwise do not have the exposure and often end up losing out in job interviews.” The most boring part of his workday, says Nandy is taking status updates from the team. “It’s important, but it’s not as exciting,” he says with a laugh.

When asked about his next goal, Nandy says that he wants next to provide various ICT tools as open-source technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning as per various accreditation standards. “My short term goal is to work towards improving the quality of teaching-learning taking advantage of modern technologies and also to improve the employability of the students through various programs,” he says, wrapping up.

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