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A Day In The Life Of: A Techie Who Works With Data Flow Alerting & AI

A Day In The Life Of: A Techie Who Works With Data Flow Alerting & AI

In our weekly column ‘A Day In The Life Of’, we step into the shoes of different techies from different industries who are working in some of the sought after tech areas such as big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things, and we try to understand how a day in their life looks like. And for this week, Analytics India Magazine got in touch with Ankit Jain, founder and CEO of MyOperator.

Being the founder and CEO of MyOperator, Jain said there are times when days are extremely busy and hectic, and in order to keep himself relaxed he starts his day by 7 in the morning. Jain believes that it is important to have a healthy mind and body to kick start the day.

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Talking about his office hours, MyOperator has an open culture and respect everybody’s space and time. Also, the company has flexible timings when it comes to working, and it applies to Jain as well. The MyOperator founder starts his work at 10:00 AM and remains involved until 8:00 PM.

“Days are always never-ending. But I try to end my day by 8:00 PM by work. But sometimes, it still gets stretches beyond 8:00 PM due to scheduled interviews and crisis time,” said Jain.

When asked about his best part of the day, Jain said he always look forward to meeting new team members. Whosoever joins in MyOperator, whether it’s an intern or a manager he meets each and every one personally. For Jain, that is the best part of his workday as this makes him realise that they are growing each day and are learning every new day from different people of different backgrounds.

The Work Process

As the founder, Jain’s work consists of meeting as many people as possible and ideate things. He also said that sometimes he gets involved in serious discussion about the current roadblocks, latest trends, new development and finding appropriate solutions. Further, he also keeps himself involved in personal research and documentation as he believes that it keeps his day rolling.

Talking about Jain’s current project AI has got the spotlight. Artificial intelligence over the years has impacted a lot of companies from all across the world and it has most of the time been a great collaboration.

MyOperator being a company that works in the cloud telephony space, the company is at the forefront of Artificial intelligence implementations in their solution. And some of the past use cases have been around data security and system stability. For example, in the case of protecting data, MyOperator does intelligent intrusion detection and data flow alerting. This helps the company stay ahead of any data breach attempts. 

“We are also monitoring systems health using intelligent anomaly detection and the team is able to fix things before it goes wrong,” said Jain.

However, currently, Jain and his team are more inclined to implementing AI for features which can be used by its clients for better customer experience. The company has already invested its time and expertise on it and to an extent, they have been successful. Currently, they are in the beta phase of using artificial intelligence as a tool in their solution.

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“AI is already shaping our everyday lives and we foresee that it will ease the process by bringing immense benefits for our customers,” said Jain.

Work-Life Balance

Striking a perfect work-life balance is not an easy task, especially for an entrepreneur. And the story with Jain is also the same. Even though most of the time he manages to have a smooth sailing life when it comes to personal life, there are times when he also fails.

As Jain walked us through his day, we also asked him whether he gets time to focus on his hobbies apart from work, Jain said, “Who doesn’t love to spare time or indulge in some hobbies? Being an entrepreneur, it’s difficult to find some spare time. However, I ensure to make time for swimming — I go for my swimming sessions daily.”

Talking about his social life, Jain said that he is not an overtly social person — he is a reserved person who loves to spend time with his own set of people. Most of Jain’s friend circle is of entrepreneurs and a small group of friends from college.

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