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A Day In The Life Of: Subex Technical Anchor Who Balances CrunchMetrics & Is A Mile Gatherer

A Day In The Life Of: Subex Technical Anchor Who Balances CrunchMetrics & Is A Mile Gatherer



In weekly our column ‘A Day In The Life Of’, we are trying to step into the shoes of the awesome techies from various organisations who are working in emerging tech areas like big data, data analytics, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, among others.

This week, we got in touch with Bharat Hegde, a Senior Technical Anchor at Subex, who’s a fitness enthusiast and a prolific coder.

Hegde being a fitness enthusiast begins his day early, by working out every morning for at least an hour. He even goes out for weekly treks to the Western Ghats and 6 monthly treks to the Himalayas.

He believes in active social life, but Hegde says that since most of his hobbies involve being outdoors, some compromises are required when work takes priority. “Work provides me with the resources to go out and spend time in the mountains. Going to the Himalayas is a longer commitment and requires at least 10 days. Balancing this requires pre-planning of travels and work.”

Hegde work mostly revolves around:

  1. Designing solutions
  2. Building backend frameworks
  3. Solving framework-level issues

“Since I'm a Linux fan, I still prefer using the old console to code,” he adds. 

When asked about his current project, he says, “Currently, I am working on the CrunchMetrics product. This is an anomaly detection engine that can consume time series data and predict anomalies using machine learning models. These engines require robust engineering frameworks to ingest and maintain data. This is where I design solutions and solve problems.”

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Interestingly, the best part about his workday is solving problems with his team members. “The most fun I have is solving problems. Working with a bunch of talented and dedicated engineers is both motivating and uplifting. It gives me an opportunity to learn as well,” Hegde says cheerfully. On the flip side, making powerpoint presentations is the most “boring” part of his day.

Many working professionals feel like their talent is not fully utilised in a company. But Hegde disagrees. “At Subex, we are given a free hand to experiment and come up with possible solutions. It's a privilege to have this freedom and trust. This also pushes you to learn new things,” he says, adding, “I always believe that there is no limit to learning. The more you learn, the more you can contribute.”

When asked about his five-year plan, Hegde has great ambitions. “I want to be in a position where I can take three months off work every year. Since I'm a certified mountaineer, I would want to explore more — go on longer, more adventurous expeditions. Mountaineering is a costly sport, having a job that pays well enough for me to support this goal of mine is what I'm aiming for,” he says.

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