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ABB India Opens A New Robotics Facility In Bengaluru

ABB India Opens A New Robotics Facility In Bengaluru

ABB India, a leading global tech company, recently launched a Robotics solutions delivery facility in Bengaluru to support the digital transformation of manufacturing in India. ABB is one of the leading suppliers of robot, robot systems and machine & factory automation solutions in the world, having shipped over 400,000 robot solutions across the globe. 

The new ABB Robotics facility will enable Indian customers to reap the benefits of  Industry 4.0, including cutting-edge robotics and digitalisation technologies. The company believes that it will help India become a resilient high-tech manufacturing economy in the world.

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The facility is spread over 3,600 sq.m at the ABB Nelamangala factory premises in Bengaluru. It will deliver robotic applications and digital solutions for a variety of industries such as automotive, food & beverage, electronics and other upcoming sectors. 

The huge facility houses a state-of-the-art shop floor that can run proof of concepts and factory acceptance tests for 1000 ABB robots every year, which doubles the company’s capacity. This will enable rapid innovation, adaption, optimisation and agile delivery of made-to-order robotics applications for Indian customers.

It will also include a demonstration centre where the latest technologies in robotic welding, glueing, and material handling will be showcased while carrying out joint prove-out sessions with customers. 

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The company also said that it would be integrating an ABB AbilityTM Connected Services team that can remotely monitor an installed base of ABB robots to conduct predictive maintenance and high uptime.

“The new facility harnesses the powers of ABB’s deep global expertise and knowledge of the Indian industrial landscape to support our customer base,” said Sanjeev Sharma, Managing Director of ABB India. 

“Even with increased demand for automation, the penetration of robotics, especially in small and medium enterprises is still low in India compared to the global average. With the help of the new and improved robotics facility, we will be able to share our knowledge and encourage Indian manufacturers to embrace our game-changing technologies and become best-in-class manufacturers for local and global markets,” he added. 

ABB is also setting up a Customer Experience Center for customers to learn about the latest robotics technology and applications, including ABB’s dedicated robot simulation and programming software, RobotStudio. Additionally, the facility will host a paint lab where customers can run simulations of a broad range of industrial painting applications.

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