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Accenture Acquires Revolutionary Security To Expand Its Cybersecurity Practice

Accenture Acquires Revolutionary Security To Expand Its Cybersecurity Practice

Accenture Acquires Revolutionary Security To Expand Its Cybersecurity Practice

Accenture has recently announced that the company is acquiring a cybersecurity startup — Revolutionary Security in order to expand its cybersecurity practice. 

The portfolio of Revolutionary Security startup includes cybersecurity services like risk assessment, breach and attack simulation testing, and designing and building security programs. The company leverages proprietary technology and methods to help in enhancing the security capabilities of its clients and manage risks. 

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The breach and attack simulation testing service of the company is known as LiveFire and has been designed to help businesses find loopholes in their security and monitoring processes. According to Accenture, the company employs 90 cybersecurity professionals across the US and serves a variety of industries such as energy, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and communications industries. 

When asked, Kelly Bissell, the head of Accenture Security said, “The acquisition of Revolutionary Security is another demonstration of our continued commitment to invest in areas to keep our clients safe from cyber threats.”

Bissell further said, “Revolutionary Security’s service offerings are a perfect complement to Accenture’s portfolio, and the acquisition furthers our mission of helping clients better protect and defend their organisations across their entire ecosystem.”

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This cybersecurity acquisition will provide Accenture with a huge opportunity to serve its clients with greater end to end solutions, particularly regarding more complex cybersecurity challenges.

According to Jim Guinn II, who leads Accenture’s cybersecurity business for the energy, utilities, chemical and mining industries, the extensive experience of Revolutionary Security working with industrial companies and their specialised technical skill set would be incredibly valuable to Accenture’s clients.

“High-profile and targeted cyberattacks around the world are putting increased attention on critical security risks. And therefore, companies often lack the necessary visibility to manage and measure their cybersecurity framework in the same way as IT risk,” said Guinn. 

Rich Mahler, the president and CEO of Revolutionary Security, said, “The opportunity to become part of Accenture Security will enable us to deliver more complete solutions to our clients and expand our services to even more clients globally. We’re excited to be joining a leading provider in cybersecurity services and look forward to working together to help clients solve their toughest challenges in IT and OT security.”

Post-acquisition, Accenture is now boasting a handful of security-focused business units.

Most recently, Accenture also bought the Symantec security portfolio from Broadcom, which includes global threat monitoring and analysis, and threat intelligence and incident response services. In fact, last year, in total, Accenture had spent nearly $1.2 billion on a series of 33 acquisitions.

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