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Actofit: The Wearable Startup taking your workouts to next level

Actofit: The Wearable Startup taking your workouts to next level

Working hard at Gym but still not losing the right amount of calories? Want to know which exercise is making you more fit? Well the solution to your problem is Actofit, a fitness tracker which helps you to get more out of your Gym Workouts.

2Actofit is revolutionizing the world of fitness with its Next Generation Fitness Tracker. Actofit band lets gym goers auto-track their gym sessions. It auto-identifies 75+ exercises, counts every rep, evaluates exercise forms, continuously tracks heart rate and calories burned every set.

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“Actofit is a revolutionary fitness band. Your fitness regime is incomplete without Actofit.” says Gopalakrishnan Ramachandran, Promoter, Golds Gym, India

How Actofit works

This wearable automatically tracks your complete workout sessions. It tracks your motion during gym sessions in 3 dimensions across 9 axis and seamlessly logs all data on the Actofit App to create a database of exercises performed, calories burned per exercise, per muscle and to allow comparison and evaluation of activities during different sessions or even intra sessions.

The data then collected is compared, evaluated and analyzed. This analysis is presented in the form of insights to the user to help improve their performance. It lets you know what’s working and what’s not.

Joel Luedke  Director of Athletic Training & Sports Performance, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse is of the views,  “Actofit is the next generation wearable. It’ll allow the everyday athlete or the one in pursuit of a future career to take that information, apply it to their training and enhance their abilities like never before.”

Actofit re-defines your workout

Measurement of Fitness: Actofit not only auto identities exercises, count reps, but also derives relevant parameters for each exercise, like energy burnt, power, velocity, force for each rep to help you train more effectively.

Granular Statistics: Actofit let us know every little detail such as Heart Rate or calories burned during every particular set of a particular exercise.

No Manual Entry: Actofit’s activity identification platform tracks entire workout sessions for better awareness of workouts.

Lifestyle Accessory: This fitness tracker is waterproof and designed beautifully. It easily syncs with your phone to show alerts or hydration reminders making it a true 24 hour wearable.

Motivational: Actofit allows you to watch how your friends did, compare data on your social network, and get motivated.

Actofit is a wearable tech unlike any other in the market. It’ll allow us to see what our client or athlete is doing in the clinic, in the athletic training room, or on their own. It’ll allow the therapists or clinicians to modify treatment plans using real numbers.” as per Jason McWilliams Certified Athletic Trainer, Steadman Hawkins Clinic Denver

The Ultimate App for the Ultimate Tracker

Actofit app has features that makes it extremely user –friendly. Some of them are:1

Activity Summary: It gives you a quick overview of your muscle worked, heart rate, & total work output across session

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Stats: You can view stats on strength, power, speed, explosiveness & compare set by set progress

Exercise Log: Go deeper & view your entire log of different exercises performed in granularity

Analytics: The app Analyses and let you know what’s working vs. what’s not

 Actofit – way ahead of its competitors

Actofit starts where most of the market leader wearables stop.  Actofit gives the list of all the exercises performed, the number of reps of each exercise, the heart rate during each exercise and the calorie burn for that particular exercise. It goes further to give force and velocity also of each exercise unlike other wearables who give 10k steps which is an inaccurate way to measure fitness since not all exercises involve steps.


 Actofit is that unique blend of innovation and versatility, where you can still track steps, sleep, distance, continuous 24 hour heart rate, call/text alerts, calendar notifications apart from your workouts. The granular and the detailed level of workouts tracked by Actofit have are not done by any other wearable before.

Actofit minimalises manual entry of workouts. It tracks granular metrics that wouldn’t be tracked before and provides a very comprehensive Analytics that can be used to make data driven decisions. Also it provides training programs that are suited to your workouts and tracks those programs as well.

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